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Chapter 239 – Girl and the reaction of the winged people’s village

We return to the winged people’s village, and people immediately notice the big egg I’m carrying.

I see them looking at this egg with black spots, and it’s clear that they know this isn’t just some regular egg.

“An egg”

“Could this egg be…”

I didn’t have it with me when we left, so they know right away it’s related to Mister Douroean.

They look like they can’t believe what they’re seeing.

They’re looking directly at the egg, and only the egg.

“Villa… That egg…”

“…Yes, it is exactly what you’re all thinking.

Lerunda is holding an egg from our god.

Lerunda has become friendly with god, and was given this egg.”

As Mister Villa says this, I can feel everyone’s eyes focusing on me.

It’s a little startling when everyone’s suddenly looking at me.

They’re all staring like they’re waiting for me to speak, so I decide to talk.

“Your god, Mister Douroean, gave it to me.

He said, his separate body, will hatch from this egg.”

They look even more incredulous at first, but when they fully understand what I just said, they kneel.

Mister Douroean really is that special to them.

“Mister Douroean might be your god, but… He just gave this to me, so you don’t have, to kneel like that.

I’ll take good care of it.

You can treat, this dragon that’s going to hatch, the same way and worship it and everything, but please don’t treat it like it’s the same as Mister Douroean.”

I ask.

Mister Douroean is their god, but this dragon is different.

This is Mister Douroean’s separate body, but it’s different.

The winged people are going to see this dragon as a special being right after he’s born, and treat it like their god…

“I’m going to raise it in the village down there.

If you care about this dragon, you should get along with us too.”

I don’t know how they’ll react to me saying I’ll be taking the egg with me.

I hope they’re not forceful and say they want to take care of the egg themselves or something like that.

I hope we can all get along.

Mister Villa and the others raise their heads and look this way.

What are they thinking What are they going to choose

We were raised in different environments, and have different ways of thinking.

But even if we can’t understand each other completely by talking, we can try to make it so we do understand each other someday.

“…We cannot be hostile towards someone who was given an egg by god, and is going to be taking care of the being that hatches from it.

We follow our god’s will, and if god entrusted you with this egg, that is a sign that we should be on good terms with you, Lerunda.”

Mister Villa stands up and looks at everyone else.

“If we consider the will of god, we need to be Lerunda’s friends.

Being on good terms with Lerunda shows our devotion to god.

I believe we should spend more time with them.”


“We should follow the will of god.”

“We should cooperate with her to show god he has our hearts.”

Everyone agrees with Mister Villa, and they turn to me again.

“…Would it be possible for us to be more involved with your village”

“We should talk about that, between us.

I can’t decide on my own.”

“That is reasonable.

You would be right not to trust us, since we attacked those people, but nothing is more important to us than god.

We have no choice but to get along with the village of someone who our god trusted with an egg.

We would never betray god, so we will not become your enemies.”

Says Mister Villa with a serious expression.

I don’t think he’s lying.

I don’t think they would ever lie when it comes to Mister Douroean.

But I can’t just decide on my own, so we’ll all have to talk and decide how exactly Mister Villa and the rest of the winged people are going to be involved with us.

If it was just me, I would’ve accepted right away and become their friend.

And if it wasn’t for the trouble with Phyto’s people, I would’ve probably accepted their proposal on the spot and taken them to the village right away.

But I’m not the only person involved, and everyone has their own way of thinking, so I can’t make a decision based on just what I’m thinking.

Mister Villa and the others agree with what I said, so we’ll rest here for one day and then return to our village.

—Girl and the reaction of the winged people’s village

(The miko returns to the winged people’s village, where the egg draws attention right away.)


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