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Chapter 228 – Girl and winged people’s village – Part two

“It’s good…”

Our meal in the mountain village doesn’t include any fish.

Mister Villa and his people eat edible wild plants that grow in the mountain and hunt monsters.

It tastes different than what I’m used to eating in the village, so they might be using different seasonings that only people who live on the mountain use.

Riruha and Kamiha look like they’re enjoying their meal too.

It’s really sweet how the husband and wife gryphons eat, with their heads close together.

Just looking at the gryphons being so friendly towards each other makes me happy, but what also makes me happy is knowing I’m part of that family.

Gaius is eating really fast and keeps putting food in his mouth.

I guess he was really hungry.

“We have to eat and rest well.”


We have to keep going up, and it’s going, to get harder.”

The terrain gets more rugged as we make our way to the top, where their god is.

I look up towards the top of the mountain, but it’s dark, so I can’t see anything there.

The stars are shining, and it feels like I’m closer to the sky than when I was in the village near the foot of the mountain.

It feels kind of weird thinking that I’m in a place closer to the sky, but it feels comforting too.

“Lerunda, Gaius, are you eating well”

“Mister Oshashio!”

Mister Oshashio approaches us while we eat.

Mister Villa and the others don’t seem to want to talk to us more than necessary.

They really don’t waver in their beliefs.

“Yes, we ate a lot.”

“It’s really good Mister Oshashio.”

“That’s good to hear.

If you don’t eat well today you’re going to have a hard time later.”


Mister Oshashio, what do you think, their god is like I think it’s something that flies.”

I ask.

“I think I would agree with that, but I have no idea what it could be.

I don’t think we’ll know until we meet him, but to be honest I’m a little scared.”



I mean, a being called a god is pretty scary for everyone except the people who worship it.

Even the gryphons probably seem scary to other people.

I don’t think their god will harm us but… I can’t help but be worried.”

“I see.”

“I’m tired, so it’s not like I’ll have trouble sleeping tonight, but… The question of what their god is exactly is in my mind too.”

He’s right, we won’t know until we get there, but that question is taking up a lot of space on my mind.


I hope, we can be friends with their god.”

I hope I can get along with their god like I was able to become friends with the gryphons.

Maybe we’ll become closer with the winged people too.

I’m going to do my best for all of us to get along.

I’m a little worried, but I’m more excited and optimistic.

“…You want to be friends with god”

“Mister Villa.”

I didn’t notice him, but Mister Villa is near.

I don’t know how much of our conversation he heard, but I wonder what they think of what I said.

That I want to be friends with their god.

“You really are a strange girl.”



Normally, or rather, if anyone else said something like that, I would consider it incredibly rude, but strangely enough, I do not feel that way.”

It must feel weird from their point of view.

He looks puzzled.

“I guess we will find the answer once you meet god.”

Mister Villa thinks his god has the answers to his questions about me.

The miko’s power is strange, and has a lot of mysteries.

Apparently each miko has different powers too, so I don’t know exactly what I can do, but Mister Villa is sure his god can answer his questions about me.

Is he really that powerful I guess we won’t know until we meet him, but if their god really does know a lot about me, I want him to tell me.

Mister Villa quietly leaves, so the conversation ends abruptly.

Once we finish eating, I go to the house where we’re staying, and go to sleep.

—Girl and winged people’s village – Part two

(The miko has dinner and sleeps in the mountain village.)


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