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Chapter 218 – Girl and investigation – Part one

“I hope the people that went out to explore are safe.”

I pray at the altar as I do every day.

I don’t know if it actually does anything, but I figure that praying for them to return safely is better than doing nothing.

The people that left the village to explore aren’t back yet, but it’s not like we’re expecting them to return so soon anyway.

Wason went with them too, so I believe they’re all right.

But it’s not like I’m not worried.

Mister Athos died when he went outside the village.

I’m sure my power to protect only covers a certain area.

I want to protect this place, so people that want to hurt us can’t reach it, but something might happen when people go outside, like what happened with Mister Athos.

I really hope they’re all right and come back safely.

I’ve been praying for them ever since they left.

I pray for other things too.

We’re almost entering the period when it’s easy for beast people to have babies.

Apparently there aren’t any kids younger than Gaius and the others because they were born right when this period ended.

But I’ve also heard that in beast people villages with more people they can have babies even outside of this period.

From what I hear, this is because beast people live longer than humans.

This makes me think that it must be really rare for an elf to be born like Miss Wetani’s baby.

Elves live even longer than beast people, so it’s probably really rare to see an elf baby.

I can’t help but feel happy about the idea of having more small kids around.

Miss Wetani named her baby Enarei, and pretty soon there are going to be babies even younger than him.

Babies are cute, and I think it’s wonderful there are going to be more cute babies here, and we’re going to have more friends.

When I leave the altar, I see Gaius, Phyto, and Reimar waiting for me.

◇ ◇ ◇

“So Lerunda, where do you want to try it”

“Hn… In a corner of the village.”

I want to understand more about what exactly the ‘miko’s knights’ can do.

Life in the village is calm and peaceful, so I think it’s a good time to learn more about the miko’s powers and the powers of the ‘miko’s knights’.

They agreed, so we’re going to investigate it.

Miss Lan was very excited about this, and said ‘tell me if you discover anything new they can do!!’ She really likes to study and investigate new things.

She said she’s going to observe as much as she can, but she’s busy with Mister Sadda and the others, so she’s not here now.

We go to an open area in a corner of the village.

“First, what Reimar can do.”


(I’ve become bigger and stronger.)”


Reimar changed color, got bigger, and is stronger than the other gryphons.”

Maybe it’s an effect of being ‘miko’s knights’, but Gaius and Phyto can understand Reimar.

Just Reimar, not the other gryphons.

“Gaius, turned silver, and can turn into a wolf.”


And I can use a little magic too.”

“Phyto’s hair turned light pink, but we don’t know, what she can do.”


We still don’t know anything.”

Becoming a ‘knight of the miko’ grants some sort of changes.

Everyone changed color, and Reimar and Gaius noticed changes in their bodies.

Reimar got bigger, and Gaius can turn into a wolf.

As for Phyto… We still don’t know.

“Maybe, there’s more that Reimar can do, and you might be able to do more, than just turn into a wolf, Gaius.”

After running away from the wolf beast people village, fighting with the elves, and building a village in this new land, we slowly increased what we can do, but I’m sure there’s more that we haven’t thought about.

Reimar became bigger and stronger, and Gaius can turn into a wolf and use some magic, but we don’t know if that’s all there is to it.

And we don’t even know what about Phyto changed aside from the color of her hair.

“Guru, guru.

(Yes, we need to think about this more.)”

“That’s right…”

“I have to figure out what I can do…”


And it’s not just the three of you, I want to be able to do more things too.

I’m sure there’s lots I can learn.”

If we don’t investigate what the ‘miko’s knights’ can do, it will be a problem when the time comes when we need it.

I influence things around me.

Crops grow more easily, I can use holy magic, I formed a contract with the gryphons, and influence people by turning them into ‘miko’s knights’.

But there might be more.

I want to find hints about what we can do, so we’re going to try doing lots of different things.

—Girl and investigation – Part one

(The miko starts her investigation about what she and the ‘miko’s knights’ can do.)


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