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Chapter 216 – King and troubles

“The kingdom of Fairytrof is still in disorder! We should use this opportunity to speak more loudly.”

“Two years have passed since it was discovered that their miko is fake, and the country still hasn’t recovered.

If we stop supplying them with food, we can stand above them.”

“No! Can’t you see that even in this state of confusion they are still powerful! I’ve been saying this for the past two years!!”

“I agree.

We would not stand a chance if they attacked us!! That is why I always say no!!”

“Stabilizing our countries is more important!! We have a lot of problems!! Focusing on what is outside will only lead us to collapse from the inside!”

My name is Shuongalve Saff Rezzed, and I’m the king of Rezzed, one of the countries in the confederation of Saff.

It is a country, but a very small one, and a part of a union of small countries called Saff.

The policies of Saff are decided in meetings between its leaders, held once every three months.

However, over the past two years many special meetings have been called.

This is because the large country neighboring us, the kingdom of Fairytrof, is in disarray.

Two years ago it was discovered that the miko in their country was a fake, which was followed by a civil war.

Even now the country is still unstable.

To be frank, the confederation is inferior both in the scope of its territory and military power.

The countries of the confederation have joined together, but are far from being a cohesive unit.

I don’t believe we have what it takes to defeat Fairytrof, even if it is weakened.

…However, this is not an opinion shared by every king in the confederation.

Fortunately, over half of the fourteen kings are opposed to going to war, so we have managed to avoid it for the past two years.

I can’t help but wish for Fairytrof to stabilize as soon as possible, but unfortunately it still hasn’t.

The people who want war will not give up on it until Fairytrof stabilizes.

Having that said, there are those within the confederation who want to do something about Fairytrof so badly that it looks like they want to replace the kings who are opposed to war with someone more convenient to them.

Because of this, there’s also disorder within our own countries.

I even fear that I might be killed.

I should also point out that I succeeded my father only a year ago when he passed away.

He died when food became lodged in his throat… I thought it would be a lot longer before I took the throne, and even thought at times that it would be better if it was my younger brother instead.

Becoming king is something that should be desirable to most people, right And yet he forced it onto me by saying ‘you are the first-born, and you will be perfect for it older brother’.

The people who want war are often the ones calling these special meetings, but do they really think we can win If they have time for this, they could certainly use it to improve their countries.

No matter how many times we discuss this, the result is always going to be the same.

The faction that wants war had the king of another country killed and turned said country to their side, but after evidence that he was murdered was presented to them, the country became opposed to war again.

My people are quite competent.

They collect information, and it would be an understatement to say they saved me a number of times.

Without people working from the shadows and my guards, nine lives wouldn’t be enough to keep me in this world.

I feel weak knowing I would be dead without others to protect me.

Ahh… Being king is such a pain.

I want to go home already.

Suddenly the discussion is pointed my way.

“What do you think King Rezzed”

“I am opposed to war.

Our number one priority should be to stabilize our own countries.

Is your country not troubled by bandits Should you not deal with them first It is our duty to make sure our citizens can have peaceful lives.”

Ah… It’s all so tiresome.

Speaking with this tone is so troublesome.

What a pain.

Father, why did you have to die in such an idiotic way

“Yes but…”

“But they are stealing our resources!!”

“They are not stealing, they are buying them at a fair price.

And I also do not think they will start a war with another country while theirs is in disarray.

They simply said they want to buy as much food and resources as we can provide.

The problem is that some of you decided to put on airs and send them more than you should.

My country has only done the bare minimum, but we have not received any complaints from them.

We aid them while making sure our own citizens can comfortably make a living.”

Some kings are foolish enough to put on airs and send so much food to the point where their own citizens are on the verge of poverty.

Some of the kings seeking war hate the kingdom of Fairytrof because they themselves wanted to show off and sent too many resources to them.

Aren’t they idiots Why are they sending so much food outside when their own countries are not doing well Think about yourselves first.

They did say they want to buy as much food as possible while their country is in disarray, but they are buying it at a fair price, and they never said they want so much that we are left with not enough for ourselves.

My father also only sold them as much as was needed.

“But even though their country is unstable, the people who left in search of the miko are still in our country!”

So just send them away if they are bothering you, idiot.

Of course I can’t say this.

Before word of the confusion in Fairytrof reached our ears, a party led by a priest reached Saff, apparently sent out in search of the true miko.

But during their time in Saff, two people disappeared.

The rest of the party was supposed to return to Fairytrof, but after hearing about the confusion happening in their country, they decided to stay until it died down.

They probably decided to stay because the king decided to show off and give them an overly warm welcome.

But after two years, I think they could tell them to leave.

Apparently they fear that doing so will anger Fairytrof before hostilities begin, even though they are talking about wanting war with them.

If they’re so scared, don’t talk about war in the first place.

“You could politely ask them to leave.

The country is in a state of confusion, but it is getting better, and the civil war is over.”

“They will refuse!!”

Yes, they want them to leave, but are very scared.

If they don’t want to return to their country, they could continue looking for the miko.

Apparently they are spending their days amusing themselves and nothing more.

The people talking about wanting war only want to fight with the entire confederation.

It makes sense, since one or two countries by themselves pose little threat.

But if that’s the case, don’t try to start a war.

Isn’t it stupid to want to band together and start a war I can only see that resulting in us losing our lands.

“So we will not go to war.”

It ends the same way it always does.

What’s even the point I wish they would stop wasting my time with these special meetings.

I return to my room after the meeting is over.

I will spend the night here and then return to Rezzed.

Every time I come here I feel like I am just wasting my time.

“Welcome back King Shuongalve.”

Says an old friend and guard.

“Ou, I’m tired.

They just spoke nonsense again.”

“Well, they are idiots.”

“You really have no manners.”

“I don’t want to hear that from you, King Shuongalve”

“Yes yes.

Really, what a pain.

Can I abdicate and have Derai take the throne”

“I’m sure Prince Derai would say no.”

“Of course.”

I say while laying on the bed.

I’m really not cut out to be king.

My little brother Derai should take the throne instead.

Not that he would let me.

I guess the quickest way to abdicate would be to get married, have children, and raise them to be suitable contenders for the throne.

But even just getting married sounds like a hassle.

I’m still sixteen, I’m not ready for marriage.

This is what I think, but that doesn’t stop the talks of marriage.

Ah… I can’t help but think about how much I don’t want to be king.

—King and troubles

(One of the kings of the confederation is troubled by the fact that he does not want this position, and wants Fairytrof to stabilize.)


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