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 Chapter 213 – Girl and merchant’s story – Part one

“Sadda says he wants to talk to you.

What should I tell him”

Asks Miss Lan while I relax with Freinet and Yuin.

It’s been a few days since Mister Nirushi and the others left.

Mister Sadda is the merchant friend of Miss Lan.

He was very worn-out because it was very hard getting here from the kingdom of Migha, and he’s supposed to be resting and getting better.

What does he want with me

“Talk, about what”

“…I think it’s probably about the kingdom of Fairytrof.

He is the heir of a company that does business there.”

“…Kingdom of Fairytrof”

That’s where I lived, but I don’t feel any connection to it.

“Maybe he wants to talk about your family If you don’t want to speak to him about this directly, I can ask him and then talk to you…”

Miss Lan says this because she knows how my family treated me.

This gets me thinking about them.

My family, the people related to me by blood.

When I met the gryphons and Scifo, I felt like they were what a real family is like.

I haven’t thought that much about the family that’s only related to me by blood since then.

In the village where I was born I didn’t really feel alive.

I just kept breathing without thinking about anything.

Then I was abandoned and finally took a step forward.

It might be cold of me to say this, but I don’t feel anything towards that family.

I have people that are very important to me like the gryphons and Scifo, Gaius and the other beast people, Miss Lan, etc.

Because of this, I think I can handle whatever Mister Sadda has to say.

“I will, talk to him.”

“…I see.”

“Is it okay, if Freinet and Yuin come too”

“Yes, of course.”

Miss Lan says yes, and I go to the square to talk with Mister Sadda.

This is because she’s being cautious.

He’s her friend, but he’s also someone who just arrived in this village, and she’s being careful not to let anything bad happen, like what happened with Mister Roma.

We have to make sure the new people and the people that were already living here don’t hurt each other and do things that can’t be taken back.

“So you’re the miko… My name is Sadda, and I’m at the top of a company called Vene.

It’s very nice to meet you.”

Miss Lan’s friend is a young man with brown hair.

He’s probably as old as her, and his body is a little thin compared to beast people.

It must’ve been very hard for him to get here.

It wasn’t that dangerous for us to get to this place, probably because I’m here.

I avoid a lot of danger without even thinking about it, but Mister Sadda and the others made it all the way here without that luxury.

He keeps peeking over at Yuin like he’s very curious.

“Sadda, when did you take over Vene And you came all the way here after becoming its leader… Are you an idiot!”

“…I wanted to see you Lan.”

“That’s why you came here Well… I’m happy to see you too, but you could have easily died, you know You need to think about that.”

I don’t really understand how important it is to be at the top of a company like Vene, but apparently it’s big enough for Miss Lan to be surprised.

Still, as I hear them talk, I can tell they get along very well.

“I’m Lerunda.

Nice to meet you.”


“So why did you want to talk to Lerunda, Sadda”

Asks Miss Lan, and Mister Sadda answers.

“A lot has happened in the kingdom of Fairytrof since you left, Lan.

And since it’s related to Lerunda, I thought I should talk about it.”

“I see…”


First of all, there was a civil war in the kingdom of Fairytrof, which led to Alice being outed as not the real miko.”


I’m surprised to hear about this civil war and my sister.

I look at Miss Lan, and she looks surprised too.

“A civil war in Fairytrof”


It has since died down, but there was conflict surrounding who would inherit the throne.”

Mister Sadda starts talking about this conflict in Fairytrof.

—Girl and merchant’s story – Part one

(The merchant wants to talk to the miko, and she decides to listen to what he has to say.)


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