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 Chapter 211 – The winged people and their god

In a place high above the ground, live the ones the miko calls winged people.

The moment they laid eyes on the miko, they felt she was someone they could not ignore.

They feel it deep within their hearts.

This is strange for them, since they can fly freely in the sky and look down on those that cannot.

This sentiment has not changed even as they feel they cannot ignore the miko and occasionally visit her.

The only reason why they visit the miko’s village is to see her, and nothing else.

She is on their minds for reasons they cannot explain, but in the end, it could be said that they could not care less about others beside her.

Beings that are unable to fly are irrelevant to them.

Even if said people die.

Winged people, beast people, and elves.

They are all people, but not as far as the winged people are concerned.

To them, they are not equal.

They are involved with the village because of the miko, and do not even see them as enemies.

If she was not present, they would have no reason at all to care about the village.

“That girl really isn’t normal in many ways.”

“She is human but can fly, and is friendly with gryphons.

It seems she is also seen as special in that village.”

They start speaking.

They occasionally show up in the village, but are not fully trusted by its inhabitants, who feel like they could even be enemies one day.

Because of this, they have no knowledge about the fact that she is known to the villagers as the miko.

However, from their point of view, they have no reason to care about what she is called.

They are simply interest in her and visiting her occasionally.

“She really isn’t normal, but why are we so interested in her I don’t understand this very well.”

“…It can’t be put into words.

I feel this itch, like she is someone I can’t ignore, but I have no idea why.”

“Not knowing is unpleasant.

If only we could express it more clearly…”

They are captives of this feeling of not being able to ignore her.

But even though these emotions are theirs, they cannot understand why this is happening.

In their village high above the ground, the winged people have been talking about the girl ever since they met her.

They have never before shown any interested in a being that walks on the ground, but she is different.

Part of the reason why they visit her is because they want to know why they feel this way, but they are not any closer to finding an answer.

As they speak about this girl once again, someone else appears.

◇ ◇ ◇

It is another winged person, who seems flustered and says ‘god has told me he will see us’.

The god of the winged people.

Nothing is more important to them.

Their expressions change completely upon hearing a message from this being.

They completely forget about the girl they were talking about.

A girl that causes a murmur in their hearts is nowhere near as important as a supreme being such as a god.

Compared to this being, even this girl means nothing to them.

They quickly make preparations to appear before their god.

◇ ◇ ◇

Their god moves his giant body.

He sent a message to the winged people because he found something interesting below a cliff.

The winged people’s god has been alive for a very long time, and he knows what this being is.

It is something that sometimes appears in this world.

This being worshiped as a god has power and intelligence, not to mention vast knowledge that comes from having lived for so long.

He knows many things about people that they themselves do not know.

He knows what this being he saw is.

“The miko…”

Their god whispers with his giant mouth.

—The winged people and their god

(The winged people speak about the strange girl, but their god knows what she is.)


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