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Chapter 206 – Girl and new arrivals – Part three

Hicked Migha, the seventh prince of the kingdom of Migha.

The person who saved beast people, and also the reason why we had to run away.

The contradiction confuses me so much.

I don’t understand.

Apparently I’m not the only one.

Everyone around me is whispering to each other after hearing what Miss Lan said.


Says Miss Lan loudly, and everyone stops talking.

After looking around at everyone, she continues.

“…Hicked Migha did give orders to enslave beast people, as instructed by his king.”

So the prince was following orders from the king.

“However, that was not what Hicked Migha wanted.

He did give the orders, but not out of his own free will.

I am told he had been following these orders since he was a child.”

Miss Lan says he gave the orders to enslave beast people, but not because that’s what he wanted.

He was following orders from his father to enslave beast people when he was still a kid.

If someone he can’t say no to was giving him orders, he couldn’t reject them no matter how much he didn’t like them.

“…Apparently he also gave the orders that resulted in the death of Mister Athos.

To be more precise, he was captured, and he gave orders to extract information about the village.

It was accidental, but he is indirectly responsible for his death.”

…Indirectly responsible for Mister Athos’ death.

They were trying to force him to tell them where the village was, and they killed him.

I peek over at Gaius.

He has a scary look on his face, but it looks like he’s trying to stay calm and listen to the end.

“Apparently he saw Lerunda one time, and reached the conclusion that she could be the miko.”


“…They say Hicked Migha told them about a strange girl who protected a beast boy.”

“…So, that time when…”

I protected Gaius when they were going to hurt him, and I remember a boy a little older than me that they called prince.

He’s the one who reached over and touched me.


Hicked Migha never liked his king’s orders in the first place, but after experiencing a few things, including coming across Lerunda, he decided to turn his back to the king.

He was ordered to kill beast people, but while he pretended to that, he actually hid them.

He is also known for being crazy about beast people women because he gathered slaves who were made into prostitutes.

That is the sort of thing he has been doing.”

The prince who threatened Gaius’ life back then.

He enslaved beast people under orders from someone he couldn’t go against, but then started working to save them.

This is all really surprising.

“They figured it was dangerous for the slaves he was hiding to stay in the kingdom of Migha, so they thought about taking them to Lerunda, the miko he once saw.

They had no guarantees that they would actually find her, but still figured it was their best option.

After the beast people decided to try to reach the miko, Hicked Migha sent his subordinates to bring them here.”

It was dangerous for the beast people who were supposed to be dead to stay there, so they left and tried to come to me.

He only saw me once, and they had no idea if they could actually reach me… But still, that’s what the prince wished for.

“…Hicked Migha could be called an enemy after what happened with Mister Athos, but he is also currently an ally.

He did put us in danger, but he is saving beast people.”

Miss Lan says while looking at everyone individually.

“I know you will need time to sort out your thoughts, but I think we should treat the knights who brought the beast people and my friend all the way here fairly.

I’m sure some of you don’t even want to look at their faces, but we should face them directly before deciding what should be done.”

This is a difficult problem.

They are helping us now, but it doesn’t change the fact that they attacked Mister Nirushi’s village and killed Mister Athos.

An indescribable feeling fills my head.

Enemies turning into allies.

People that caused us so much trouble are now helping.

I didn’t think something like this would happen.

I just thought the kingdom of Migha was a place where people did terrible things to beast people.

I don’t know how to feel about this Hicked Migha.

I’ve never felt like this before.

Everyone has mixed feelings too.

They returned to their normal lives after hearing Miss Lan, but everyone is a lot quieter than usual.

—Girl and new arrivals – Part three

(The miko feels a lot of complicated emotions towards the seventh prince.)


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