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Chapter 203 – Girl and news from the spirits

I feel the warmth of the sun and wake up.

After getting up from my bed and stretching, I open the window and feel the wind.

I wash my face, and start my day by practicing using magic.

I use physical strengthening magic and do some light exercises.

I can use this magic a lot better than before.

This village isn’t in danger of being destroyed right now, but there’s always the possibility that someone will find us and attack.

This idea has been on my mind again because we talked about it in the meeting, so I want to get stronger.

I don’t want to lose anyone.

After the meeting, Miss Lan, Mister Dongu, Mister Sileva, and other adults started talking about who is going to explore the area around the village.

I’m a little interested, but would they take me along if I asked

Going outside is scary, but I want to do what I can to be more useful to the village.

I’ve been given a lot, and it’s because of people here that I’m so happy, so I want to give back more.

The fact that I’m the miko makes it more likely that something will happen too, so I want to work more than anyone else for the village.


(You’re up early Lerunda.)”


(Good morning Lerunda.)”


(Good morning.)”

“Reimar, Ryon, Yuin, good morning.”

As I move my body while using physical strengthening magic, Reimar, Ryon, and Yuin come along.

The other gryphons are either out on patrol or still sleeping.

“Gurugurugururuus (Is Landouno still sleeping)”


Miss Lan was up late writing something.”

After the meeting, Miss Lan started feverishly putting something together.

I think she’s once again working out ideas for the future of the village.

Still, she says she wants to turn this village into a country, but I only know about villages.

I’ve heard about places where a lot of people live, like towns and cities, but that’s it.

What is my role going to be once the village turns into a country

How am I going to make money What kind of work am I going to do I honestly can’t even imagine it.

Are a lot more people going to live here if it becomes a country The more people there are, the more people there are going to be that I don’t understand, I think.

I really can’t imagine it.

Change is scary, but I want to see it too.

Yes, I want to see more places other than this village.

Maybe then I’ll be able to picture more clearly what this village will be like.

As I think about telling Miss Lan about wanting to see more places, I see her leaving the house.

“Lerunda, Reimar, Ryon, Yuin, good morning.”

“Good morning Miss Lan.”


(Good morning.)”””

I’ll tell her right away what I’m thinking.

“Miss Lan, I want to explore outside, too.”

“…Lerunda, you know that’s dangerous right”

“I know, but I want to see other places.

If it’s alright, I want to go too.”

“I see… But we need to talk about this with everyone.

I don’t want you to be in danger, but I guess seeing the world outside this village is important too.”

Says Miss Lan after seeing how determined I am.

After I tell Miss Lan I want to go outside, she starts thinking about it.

I doubt I’ll be able to go with the first group, but that’s fine.

I just want to go outside someday.

Freinet then comes over to me, with other spirits behind her.

They look a little flustered, so I ask her what happened.

“Lerunda! There are people coming!”

Says Freinet, and the spirits behind her then start talking about these people.

They say a large group of humans and beast people are coming this way.

I don’t know what their intentions are, so I get a little worried.

I start thinking that maybe they’re here to do something to the village.

What they say next leaves me flustered too.

“They look very tired and worn-out, so I don’t think they are coming to attack.

They are probably not enemies.”

They say these people look so exhausted, it wouldn’t surprise them if they died at any moment.

If they really are here to do something to the village that would be a lot of trouble, but I have to talk about this with everyone else and go see these people.

—Girl and news from the spirits

(The miko wakes up and practices her physical strengthening magic, and then the spirits bring her some news.)


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