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Chapter 201 – The educator’s records – Part five

『Plans for the village』

Recorder: Landouno Stoffer

I will be writing about the plans to further develop the village.

The village is doing well.

We have become self-sufficient, and could have continued living like this if we thought nothing would happen.

However, Lerunda, the miko, is in this village.

The miko tends to become involved in events that leave a mark in history.

I think it is safe to say that a normal person leading a normal life would not have experienced the same things Lerunda has so far.

The village is getting by for now, but we have no guarantee that we will be able to live in peace forever.

I believe our ultimate goal should be to elevate our village into a country, for the sake of protecting our peace.

I am not confident we can protect Lerunda from whatever threats will come from outside this village.

・Ultimate goal

Turn this village into a country.


It will be very difficult to protect Lerunda without the power of a country.

Also, if this village is discovered, it is likely that its inhabitants will be made slaves.

Our village has no power.

We discussed in our previous meeting what should be done to make this ultimate goal a reality.

・Money preparation

Currently the village uses a barter system, but we need money to buy back the slaves, and also to be able to trade with other powers.

・Contacting settlements

We should start contacting other settlements and acquire currency, as well as information.

Getting in contact with the outside world could be a double-edged sword, but all we can do is carefully move forward.

・Division of duties

We need to appoint duties to specific people if we are going to be elevated into a country.

We need to divide duties in the form of occupations, and form a unit that specializes in fighting.

A self-defense group of sorts.

Also, we did not discuss this in the meeting, but I have drawn up some more plans for the future.

I still need to discuss this with everyone before actually putting them into practice, so for now they are just my ideas.

・Increasing population

It may be be dangerous, but a country needs more people, and more buildings as it is turned from a village into a town.

We also need roads and stores, but the beast people and elves living here have only lived in villages.

There is a lot about towns that would confuse them.

The elves in particular would not want to go very far away, since the spirit tree is here.

I think the first step is to deepen our relationship with the people that can fly.

They are interested in Lerunda, and seem to have no intention of harming her.

I would also like to see where they live.

It is also vital to have more specialized craftsmen, along with rules and laws.

・Create products in the village

This means creating things that are only made in this village.

The elves may oppose this, but if we could make something using the spirit tree, that would be something exclusive to this village.

Perhaps we can also use the fallen feathers and shed fur from the gryphons contracted to Lerunda.

Selling those right away may be dangerous, but once we achieve some degree of safety, I want to sell things only found in this village.

That should give us some monetary stability.

・Establish a leader

Lerunda may not like this, but I think it is important for a country to have a leader.

Mister Dongu and Mister Sileva have been fulfilling this role, but not officially.

Once this village becomes a country, Lerunda will surely hold a special place in it as the miko.

This is also necessary to protect her,

・Controlling information about Lerunda

As our population increases, we need to make sure people understand how special Lerunda is, and establish that she is very important and no one may ever lay a hand on her.

The picture book is part of this, but I want to do more to protect her.

・Learn more about the powers of the miko and the miko’s knights, and the abilities of the other villagers

I want to investigate and learn what exactly they can do, of course, with due permission from the people involved.

It will be good to know what they can and can’t do.

・Distribute books about the history of this village and the beliefs of its inhabitants

Assuming our population will increase and more people will know about Lerunda, I want to start working on this.

I predict that people with different beliefs will gather here, making this all the more important.

This is not a problem for now, but it will be if our population increases and we are unable to understand each other.

・Increase our fighting strength, including making weapons

There is more than enough reason to believe there will be fighting somewhere, so we need more weapons and better fighting skills.

We will have to bring in blacksmiths from the outside.

There is a lot to do.

Obviously rescuing the slaves is very important, but without the power to stand up to a country, this place will surely be destroyed one day.

There is a mountain of things that must be done if this village is ever going to be a country, and I will do what I can to help.

If I do not show results, my voice will become quieter as the population grows.

Perhaps one day I will even be told I am not fit to stand beside the miko.

But it is my wish to stay by Lerunda’s side, and work for the miko.

For this reason as well, I must show results and earn the people’s trust.

But it is not all up to me.

For people to understand just how special Lerunda is, the ones around her are going to have to work hard as well.

Me being close to Lerunda may become a problem for her if I am unable to show results, so I have to do a good job.

It may be difficult, but I want to somehow make this plan a reality.

— The educator’s records – Part five

(The educator writes about how to develop the village, all to transform it into a country.)


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