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Chapter 2 – Girl and gryphons part one

I woke up with the gryphon’s cries.

A few days passed since mister horse brought me to the gryphon nest.

Oh, and mister horse is here with us.

Mister horse and the gryphons are different beings, but they seem to get along.

My goal at the moment is to find a goal, but my problem is that I don’t know what I want to do or how I want to live.

I’m probably the miko, although I have no way to confirm it, but even if I am the miko, it doesn’t mean everything can be forgiven.

I was ostracized in the village where I used to live, but my parent’s attitude towards me will probably change if it’s discovered that I am the miko and not my sister.

I don’t know how to feel about that.

After waking up, I got a ride from the gryphons to the river to wash my face and take some drinking water.

The gryphons have all sorts of things in their nest, and among them there was a canteen, that I have been using after cleaning it well.

Gryphons just stick their beaks in the river when they want to drink, so when I use the canteen, the little gryphons look at me like I’m strange.

Still, I never thought I would live peacefully with monsters like the gryphons, that I never once saw when I was living in the village.

I think I’m probably the miko because I didn’t encounter any monsters and always found food, and now I met a friendly horse.

Still… I get the feeling that this doesn’t mean all monsters are friendly.

After all, if all beings were friendly to me, it would be hard to explain the way my parents and the villagers treated me.

I think it depends on the species, and all sorts of things.

Honestly, I don’t really understand.

If I had been officially taken to the temple as the miko, I might have learned what the generational miko were like.

I don’t have any work to do here in the gryphon nest.

The gryphons go out to hunt, but I can’t see myself hunting anything, I’ve never been taught that sort of thing.

From what I’ve heard, miko can use incredible magic, so maybe… Is what I thought, but I can’t just get up and do something I never learned.

My food is what the gryphons hunt, roasted by the fire, which is created by mister horse.

Seriously mister horse, what are you

“…Miss gryphon.”

I talk to the gryphons.

It seems like they understand me, because they respond when I talk to them.

Still, I never talked a lot, so I’m not used to it.

When the gryphon turned my way I said…

“I want to… Work too.”

The gryphon appeared to be thinking, and then said something, but even though the gryphons understand me, I have no idea what they say.


“…I’m sorry, I don’t understand.”


The gryphon looks sad.

I’m sorry, but I really don’t understand.

I really wish I could talk to them… I can kind of understand their gestures, but I can’t understand more specific things, or their cries.

I want to understand their words.

The gryphons and mister horse have been taking care of me, so I want to do something for them as well, but what can I do I’m still seven, and even though I think I’m the miko, I have no idea what I can do.

I feel useless, and it makes me a little depressed.

Mister horse saw me looking sad and took me out on a stroll.

…Hmm, what would make the gryphons and mister horse happy

Ah, the little gryphons like it when I pet them, so how about I brush them

Now the problem is that I don’t have a brush.

Maybe there’s one among the things the gryphons have gathered.

I started looking for a brush as soon as we got back from our stroll, and I found not just one, but a bunch of them.

Could it be that they have a habit of collecting brushes I don’t know, but I washed the brushes, and when the little gryphons saw me with them, they started following me with a twinkle in their eyes.

It looks like they’ll like it.

“Does it hurt…”

Obviously this is my first time doing something like this, so I asked this while brushing.

The gryphon’s bushy fur felt nice, and it sounds like the gryphon likes it, which makes me happy.

After brushing the little gryphons, the adult gryphons and mister horse looked at me like they wanted some brushing too.

There were a lot of them, but I brushed them all.

Now that I’m done brushing everyone, I’m filled with a sense of accomplishment.

—Girl and gryphons – Part one

(The girl that is probably the miko is relaxing with the gryphons.)


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