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Chapter 198 – Girl and meeting – Part two

Miss Lan says we should put policies in place to get our hands on money,

For us, this village is everything, and we have no connection or relation to any place outside of here.

We are completely self-sufficient.

Miss Lan is saying we should break that.

That’s a pretty big risk.

If we stay closed off like we are now, we can secure peace at least for now.

At the very least, we can live peacefully as long as people outside don’t know about this village.

If we change this, we’ll be influenced by things happening outside.

That could be good or bad, but it might lead to people wanting to enslave everyone here.

People knowing where this village is is enough for that to be a possibility.

But Miss Lan says we should purposefully get in contact with the outside world.

I think it’s incredible that she’s proposing this and wants to put it into action.

She’s looking into the future, unlike me, who just wants the peaceful days to continue.

The way she thinks far ahead and isn’t afraid to voice her opinions is why I like and respect her so much.

“You say we should acquire money, but how”

“I think the best option is to start by selling things made in this village, while keeping the location of the village itself a secret.

But in remote villages, people tend to trade instead of using money, so we would have to go to a large town.

If we can acquire some money there, it will be very important to our village.

One day when this village transitions into being a town, we should also start using money for all of our transactions.”

Sell things somewhere else while keeping the village a secret, and get money.

In the village where I was born, people mostly just traded things, but that’s not a city.

The old man in the village told me that people do business using money in big towns, but I’ve never actually used it.

So we need to sell things in a big town.

“It’s dangerous to go all the way to the kingdom of Migha or the kingdom of Fairytrof to do business there.

We are going to have to do so eventually to save the slaves, but I think it would be better to start somewhere else.

We do not know if there are inhabited villages beyond this forest, but we should explore the surrounding area.

If there are villages beyond the forest, we should first think about what kind of contact we are going to have with them.

If we can exchange things for money, we should do so, but since we have no idea what these people will be like, so we need to proceed with caution.

In any case, in order to start doing business with money, I propose we explore a wider area around us.”

Says Miss Lan, and people discuss their views and opinions on the matter.

I agree that we should expand our area of activity.

I’m also scared because we don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know we can’t really make a place where everyone can be at peace if we just continue living the way we are.

It’s dangerous, but I made a promise with Gaius.

I peek towards him, and see him looking at Miss Lan with a serious look on his face.

The conversation we had, and the vow we made that day left a strong mark on my mind.

Gaius said he didn’t want what happened to his father to happen ever again, and that he didn’t want the people he cared about to be in danger.

His wish turned into everyone’s wish, and we’re all working to slowly make it come true.

But if we’re scared of change, that will never happen.

We can’t do it while keeping the village locked.

“I agree, with Miss Lan.

We should work hard, to not let anyone, be in danger.”

I say after being quiet this whole time.

I want to keep moving forward, for the sake of that vow.

Some people voice concerns over Miss Lan’s proposal, but in the end, we decide to start working towards getting money.

I think everyone understands that it’s better in the long run to take action for the sake of our ultimate goal, than to continue living as we have been.

Some people are opposed to it until the end, but it can’t be helped.

It’s hard for everyone to have the same opinion on something.

—Girl and meeting – Part two

(It’s decided that the miko’s village will no longer be closed off.

What this decision will bring, no one yet knows.)


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