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Chapter 187 – Girl and eleventh birthday – Part two

“Happy birthday Lerunda.”

“Happy birthday.”

I keep hearing people wishing me a happy birthday.

The very idea that people are celebrating my birthday makes me happy from the bottom of my heart.

When I first heard people wish me a happy birthday, it made me so happy that I wanted to start saying it on their birthdays too.

The gryphons and Scifo are having fun singing with other people.

I like hearing my family sing.

Freinet, Gaius, and Phyto are with me.

Freinet is showing herself, so other people can see her.

Normally she doesn’t really like to let people see her, and Phyto’s people and Mister Ilma get really excited when they see a spirit.

It looks like mister Villa and the other winged people can’t keep up with all this excitement and noise, so they’re standing in the back, but I know they’re probably looking at me.

I can’t tell them exactly what I am, but I’m sure they’ve heard at least a little about me from others.

In the end, they think I’m someone they shouldn’t ignore, and want to stay close.

They don’t say why, but it might be related to the god that gives me my powers.

Will I discover what god makes me the miko this year It’s been a year since I decided to live as the miko, but I still don’t know for sure.

I’d really like to know.

I have to learn more about myself.

The miko’s influence is too strong, so I have to make sure to keep that in mind, even if it isn’t easy.

“Do you want this, Gaius You like meat even more when you’re a wolf, don’t you”


(In this form, even raw meat tastes good.)”

Gaius has two forms, beast person Gaius and wolf Gaius.

He’s still Gaius anyway, but there are differences.

Normally, his stomach will hurt if he eats raw meat, but he can do it in his wolf form.

His appetite increases in his wolf form too.

Gaius wants to be able to do more things too, so he’s been practicing being in his wolf form, and now he can stay a wolf for quite a while.

I think it’s great how he keeps progressing.

I want to work hard too, but I don’t see a lot of results.

I get a little anxious thinking that if I’m the miko I have to be able to do more things.

If I’m going to say I’m such an important being, I have to be able to do more.

“So you’re eleven now, Lerunda.”

“You’re taller too!”

Dandonga and Kayu say as they look at me.

I’ve grown about fifteen centimeters since I met Gaius.

It’s weird thinking that I’m slowly getting bigger.

Being at an age where I keep getting taller can be a problem, because I keep having to change my clothes to bigger ones.

Am I going to be as tall as Miss Lan I doubt I’ll be taller than her, because she’s pretty tall for a woman.


I like, getting bigger.”

“But you’re cuter small.”

“…Kayu, I want to be bigger.”

“But you’re easier to hug when you’re smaller than me.”

Kayu says as she hugs me tight.

Kayu really likes hugging me, but I like to be hugged, so it’s alright.

“You’re so cute when you let me hug you like this…”

Says Kayu with a big smile on her face.

As she hugs me, I feel her chest hitting me.

It wasn’t that big when we first met.

I guess Kayu is becoming an adult too.

…Is mine about to become bigger too I’m a little curious.

“What are you doing over there”

“Mister Nirushi.”

Mister Nirushi calls out to us as Kayu hugs me.

He looks exasperated as he walks towards us and looks at me.

“So you’re already eleven.

Time passes so quickly.”

He says as he takes a bite out of a grilled fish.

We fish from the nearby river, and apparently cat beast people like Mister Nirushi like fish a lot more than wolf beast people like Gaius.

“Here, it’s for you.”

Mister Nirushi gives me a hairband.

He doesn’t say so, but it’s a birthday present.

“Thank you Mister Nirushi.”

I say with a smile, and he lightly pats my head.

I think he’s embarrassed, because he leaves in a hurry.

After I celebrate it with a lot of people, my eleventh birthday ends.

—Girl and eleventh birthday – Part two

(The miko’s birthday comes to an end, and she feels very happy.)


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