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Chapter 178 – The merchant is exhausted but continues moving forward


I sigh as I sit on the ground.

I have gone many days without rest since entering the forest.

There are monsters in this forest, and our food supplies are steadily decreasing.

We can procure food in the forest as well, but it’s very difficult to find everything we need to survive in the forest.

I entered this forest because I want to see Lan, but we haven’t found any clues that might take us to her.

Still, I believe she is still alive.

My feelings of wanting to see her are strong enough to bring me here, but this road is more dangerous than I thought.

One of the beast people that chose to come with us has died.

I naively thought we could make it to the miko without anyone dying, but my hopes were unrealistic.

We might all die before seeing her.

As I think about this possibility, I start thinking that maybe this was all a mistake, but wanting to see Lan keeps me going.

Some people are starting to have these apprehensions as well.

It’s only natural for this to happen after someone died.

Beast people children are the ones most shocked by this person’s death.

A lot of monsters live here, and every day is filled with uncertainty.

Even after coming this deep into the forest, we have no idea where Lan and the miko went.

We come across empty buildings, and while there is no sign that anyone is living here anymore, we do believe that people were living in tree houses at some point.

This brings me hope.

I don’t know where the people living here went, but it gives me hope that we will find people if we keep going.

“Mister Sadda, are you alright”

No one has less stamina than me in this group.

There is a big gap between myself and beast people and trained knights, but even the other people from my company that came with me have more stamina.

I feel pathetic as this becomes increasingly more clear.

My legs hurt.

My meals are a lot more meager compared to what I’m used to in the city.

My fear of monsters makes it difficult to sleep.

My mind is slowly but steadily becoming more fatigued.

Which way will lead us to Lan What can I do to see her face again My tired mind is occupied with these thoughts.

She’s a friend I haven’t seen in three years, and the person I like.

A friend who left in a hurry after deciding to go after the miko.

I believe she is alive, and I believe we’ll see each other again.

I have to believe.


How are the others”

“They are fine for now, but I fear that this group will start to break if this continues for much longer.”

“…I know…”

I know this group will break apart from the inside if we don’t reach our goal eventually.

We have been able to find enough food somehow, and I guess I should say it’s fortunate that only one person died… But still, we are nearing our limit.

This situation is not good, and there is no end in sight.

I can’t predict the future, so I don’t know what will happen.

What I can do is try to mitigate the discord in our group and continue to look for clues.

The only thing that can change our situation for the better is finding the miko.

This is why I am in such a hurry to find her.

If we continue on and find her, I win.

We can work things out from there.

Even the Vene company will probably do better if I can reach the miko.

Our fate is entirely dependent on the miko.

If we can find her, I win, but if we are unable to meet her, I lose, and will probably lose my life as well.

“Miko… We will find her.

Everyone will die otherwise.”

My tired heart is telling me it would be easier to just give up at this point, but even if there is no end in sight, I want to continue going forward.

If I give up, it’s all over, and I don’t want to die before seeing Lan.

This is why I am so determined and say we will definitely find the miko.

—The merchant is exhausted but continues moving forward

(The merchant is exhausted but does not lose hope, and continues moving forward because he wants to see someone again.)


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