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Chapter 167 – Girl and singing festival – Part one

After reaching this place, we have slowly been turning it into our village.

I like my days here.

It’s really fun living here with everyone.

I want to live here peacefully with the people I like forever.

The winged people, Phyto’s people, the priest Mister Ilma… We’ve met a lot of people after we got here, and we had to say goodbye to grandma.

Everyone’s been very busy ever since we started living here, but we’re finally going to organize an event I wanted to do.

A singing festival.

The gryphons and Scifo like to sing, but I’ve been interested in that too.

When I tell Miss Lan and Mister Dongu about it, they say it sounds fun, and it will be good for our village too, and I get their approval.

We are still a little concerned about the winged people, but I’m glad we can organize something like this.

It’s a little embarrassing, but I’m going to participate too.

I think it will be fun if everyone does.

The gryphons and Scifo say they’re looking forward to it.

Freinet says she could show herself to other people and sing if she wanted to, but doesn’t want to.

We’re getting ready for the event.

It’s going to take place in the village’s square, and just seeing everyone help prepare it makes me happy.

Phyto’s people and winged people will be coming too, but only a limited number.

We still don’t know exactly what kind of people the winged people are, and everyone is still a little wary of Phyto’s people, so we’ll be watching them.

Also, there’s still some worry about Mister Ilma meeting Phyto, so him and Miss Shehan won’t be coming.

Mister Ilma says it’s fine as long as he can stay in the same village as the miko, and Miss Shehan says she doesn’t care if she can stay with Mister Ilma.

Shinomi, Ilkesai, Dandonga, and I prepare benches, and set up the stage.

Some of Phyto’s people come to help, while saying the daughter of god shouldn’t have to work, but Phyto scolds them.

I’m glad she’s here.

It would be much harder to have a good relationship with them without her.

She’s doing good on her promise to be my friend and keep an eye on her people.

Also, Phyto’s people don’t see her as the daughter of god anymore.

Now they see her as someone who received the blessing of the daughter of god.

Apparently they call her a maiden of the daughter of god or something like that.

“Lerunda, can I carry that”


I nod to Shinomi.

I’m weak compared to beast people like her.

I don’t want to sit around doing nothing, so I use physical strengthening magic so I can help.

It always makes me happy to be able to help.

But what makes me even happier, is being able to do something like this with everyone.

It’s so much fun.

Miss Lan isn’t good with physical work, so she’s doing her best setting up the program for our singing festival.

She’s doing her best because she wants the festival I suggested to succeed, but sadly, she says she won’t sing.

“I could play the piano or violin if we had them but…”

Says Miss Lan.

I think it’s incredible that she can play those instruments.

Apparently it’s because she was a noble.

I’d like to try playing them too someday.

If we could get them, Miss Lan could teach me.

And with that desire, I find a new wish.

I want to make an event with instruments too someday.

It would be great if we could get some instruments someday.

I can already imagine people singing and playing.

We are still preparing the first singing festival, but I’m so excited I start thinking about the future.

“Lerunda, why did you stop”

“I was just thinking, I can’t wait.”

Ilkesai calls out to me because I stopped moving.

I laugh, and tell him what I was thinking.

We continue working together in preparation for the singing festival.

—Girl and singing festival – Part one

(There is going to be a singing festival in the miko’s village, and everyone is busy preparing it.)


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