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Chapter 162 – Girl, the hostage, and her people – Part five

Phyto gasps when I confirm that I’m the miko.

The person they call the true daughter of god is really important to Phyto and her people, and she was probably a miko like me.

After this person passed away, her feelings remained with her people.

That’s why her people and their way of life managed to survive.

I really like everyone in this village, so are my feelings towards them going to help them when I’m gone too

I think that’s only going to happen many years from now.

I wonder how this true daughter of god lived, and how she died.

“…Lerunda, you’re just like… The true daughter of god.

Whispers Phyto as she drops down to one knee.


“…The same kind of being as the true daughter of god.

How… Fortunate.”

Mumbles Phyto, and the other three also drop down to their knees like her.

They’re really shocked by this revelation.

“…I really don’t, have to be the daughter of god.

The real one is here… I don’t have to pretend.

Lerunda… Miss Lerunda.”

“D-don’t call me that.”

“…Lerunda, I agree with Miss Lan.

There has to be some sort of meaning to us meeting you… The one who is like our true daughter of god.

I know it might be asking for too much… But please guide us.

No, allow us to stay with you.

I’m sure that will be enough.”

Phyto asks me to allow her to stay with me.

We became friends but… I think we’re straying away from that, now that she knows what I am.

“Phyto… I want to get along with everyone, if I can.

And if you don’t want to, be our enemies… That includes you, and your people.

I think you’re my friend so… Don’t say things like ‘allow me to stay with you’.

I just want to get along.

But I don’t want anyone, doing bad things to people, that are important to me.”

“Thank you… Lerunda.

I think of you as a friend too, but you’re also someone we worship.

Is it wrong to be both

Also, if you really are like our true daughter of god, no one in our village would ever do anything to displease you.

That’s how grateful we are to her.”

Phyto says she’s my friend, but now that she knows what I am, I’m also the target of her adoration.

“Then… I want to be more your friend, than someone you worship.”

I say, and Phyto stands up, nods, and grabs my hand.

“I’m your friend, and I want to be with you.

I’m not strong or have any powers, so I don’t know what I can do… But I’m on your side, I swear.

No one in our village will do anything to trouble you… I promise that as the current daughter of god.”

Says Phyto, looking very determined.

She says she’ll be on my side.

She’s the daughter of god in name only, but still wants to be with me.

When she says that, she laughs.

The other people here also say things like ‘we would never displease someone who is like the true daughter of god’ or ‘we must inform the others’.

I wanted Phyto and her people to get along, and for them to accept her even if she has no powers, but this whole thing went in a completely different direction.

I’m a little perplexed, but I want to think it turned out fine.

When I look over to the side, I see that Mister Dongu is mad at Miss Lan.

“Why did you say things that made it clear to them that Lerunda is the miko I think it didn’t turn out too badly, but still…”

He says.

“Lerunda… Even without a hostage, our people would never do anything to bother someone who is the same as the true daughter of god.

The daughter of god is special to us, and nothing is more important and dear to us than the first daughter of god.

“…For now, can you go back to your village I want to talk to Phyto calmly.”

I didn’t expect all this to happen, so I want to calm down and talk to her.

Phyto and her people nod, and Phyto’s people return to their village with smiles on their faces.

—Girl, the hostage, and her people – Part five

(The miko confirms that she is the miko, and the hostage girl wants to be her friend.)


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