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Chapter 159 – A company president gives chase

“Well then, is it time to go”

I am Sadda, and I am positioned at the top of the Vene company.

Having that said, I have only inherited it from my father recently, and my leadership skills are not a patch on his.

We are currently assisting a prince of the kingdom of Migha in rescuing beast people.

I was suspicious at first, wondering what he was doing, but the more I look into it, the more I understand.

Something happened that made this prince want to make a serious effort to save beast people.

When I learned that the miko was involved… The girl that Landouno Stoffer, or Lan for short, was after, I realized what a good opportunity this is.

I decided to contact the prince, and go to where the miko is along with his subordinates.

Many people try to stop me, but I want to go to this girl they call the miko.

It’s partially because being connected to the miko will make it easier for our company to operate but… I also want to see Lan.

I haven’t seen her in three years.

I’ve been doing a lot of preparation these last three years.

All this time, I’ve been thinking about going after Lan, who decided to go into the forest in search of the miko.

To be honest, the chances that she’s still alive aren’t very high.

And who knows if the girl she was looking for is even alive But still, the beast people decided to go to the miko, even though they might die on the way.

I could also die on this journey… But I want to see Lan again.

I’m going after her with the beast people.

“Yes, it is time.”

“President, everything is ready.”

I am not the only one from Vene going on this journey.

Others will accompany me.

It was not easy to make preparations in secret and not let either the kingdom of Migha or the kingdom of Fairytrof find out what we were doing.

But now we manage to enter the forest.

I left my company with someone I can trust, to run it while I am gone.

During these three years, I also made arrangements in case I don’t make it back.

Everything is in place for our company to work well in both kingdoms, so I can rest easy and go after Lan.

Lan is two years older than me, so she’s twenty three now.

I wonder how she’s doing, if she’s still alive.

Having that said, I somehow feel that she’s definitely still alive, but maybe I’m assuming she is just because I really want that to be the case.

Honestly, fighting is not for me.

I like thinking and math.

I like staying at home and thinking.

I would have never even thought to enter a lush forest if I didn’t know Lan also entered it.

I don’t have a lot of stamina, and the people heading towards the miko with me probably see me as a hindrance.

I get the feeling that if I wasn’t supporting them with resources they might even abandon me.

There’s even the possibility that they might abandon me regardless.

But still, I want to go after Lan.

I spent three years making preparations.

I want to see Lan because we are friends but… I also have deeper feelings for her.

She never had any idea, and I’m sure she doesn’t think about me now that she’s living with the miko.

I can’t imagine her having eyes for anything else when the subject of her research is right in front of her.

Is the miko really in the middle of the forest, or is she in a place we can’t even imagine, like the other end of the forest Is Lan standing beside this miko What were the last three years like for her

…I think of her as a friend, but does she even remember me I’m really worried that she forgot all about me after chasing after the miko and finding other things that interest her.

What will I say if I do meet her There is no guarantee that I will even see her, but I can’t help but think about these things.

Thoughts like these occupy my mind when it is idle, but this forest is not without danger, and we are occasionally attacked by monsters.

Some people get hurt, and I start to really feel like I’m in a dangerous place.

Am I really going to meet Lan at the end of this perilous road All I can do is believe, and continue moving forward.

—A company president gives chase

(The president walks a dangerous road to see someone.)


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