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Chapter 147 – Girl and the winged ones – Part one

“They are being attacked…”

“The attackers aren’t killing anyone, and apparently they have wings.”


They are looking for Lerunda”

Miss Lan and mister Dongu talk with grave expressions on their faces.

I’m glad they’re calm, because I started panicking and couldn’t think straight.

If they started panicking too, we might’ve started making bad decisions.

Seeing them looking calm makes me a little calmer too.

“…We have to go there.”

“Hold on Lerunda.

We don’t know why they want to see you.

If they are after you because they figured out you are the miko, that could be big trouble.

Also, I have never heard of a race with wings.

There really are all sorts of people in this world… I still have a lot to learn.”

After miss Lan tells me to stop, she talks about the winged people.

She really likes studying, and knows a lot, but even she doesn’t know them.

“But miss Lan… I don’t have a bad feeling or anything.

I always feel it somehow, but now something is telling me, I can go there no problem.”

I don’t have a bad feeling, and I even feel like nothing bad will happen if I go.

I feel this way even though the other village is being attacked.

“I see.

Then we should do the same thing we did when we found mister Ilma.

We will survey the situation first, and you only come out if you really think you can.

I don’t think that feeling you have is wrong, but I am worried about something bad happening to you.”


Miss Lan is worried about me, so she tells me to wait and see, even though she trusts this feeling I have.

“A race with wings… We had no idea they were living nearby, or notice them at all.

I doubt we would be able to hold out against them if a race with the power to fly attacked us.

If these winged people are not killing people in the other village, it could mean they didn’t come here to start a conflict.”

“Yes, that is true.

If these people have wings and can fly freely through the sky like the gryphons, they could easily kill those people if they wanted.”

They discuss the situation calmly.

A race that can fly like the gryphons and Scifo… It’s true that someone with this power could probably take other people’s lives easily.

Thinking about it scares me.

They are very powerful and are near here, but I still don’t have a bad feeling or anything.

I decide to go to the other village, but not alone.

I wonder what the winged people are like.

Why are they after me How do they even know about me

They can fly, so does that mean they’ve been watching me from above Can we get along I hope we don’t have to fight.

I’m riding Kamiha, and as we get close to the village, we leave the others and go hide.

“What is your goal”

I hear mister Dongu’s voice.

He’s looking directly at the winged people.

They don’t look different from a human like me, except for the wings growing from their backs.

It feels weird seeing bird wings on someone’s back.

Those aren’t just something they created either, they really are growing out of their backs so they can fly.

There are villagers collapsed at their feet, but they don’t have visible wounds.

I can see about ten people with wings, and none of them have weapons.

I guess they really aren’t here to kill.

But then why did they attack

The winged people look at mister Dongu and the others and laugh.

“Ah, you’re here.”

Someone says while looking at mister Dongu.

The people on the ground mumble ‘why did you come’.

What does that mean

“We are simply curious.

Do you have the human girl with you We want to see her.”

“…Why did you attack them”

“Ah, they would not tell us where the girl lives.

We figured we could force the answer out of them, but they still would not say anything.

I can see that girl is quite important.”

I didn’t expect to hear this.

They hurt these people so they would tell them about me, but they didn’t.

They protected me… I’m a little surprised.

“Why do you want to meet her so badly”

“Because I felt a murmur in my heart when I saw her before.

My instincts are telling me we cannot ignore her, and we should meet her at least once.”

He says while looking directly at mister Dongu.

“…What does that mean I won’t allow you to hurt her.”

“And I have no intention to do so.

If she is just a human girl, we have no interest in her.

We feel no need to care about species that cannot even take to the skies.

I was simply curious when I saw her.

If this murmur in my heart turns out to be a misunderstanding, that will be the end of our involvement with you.”

“And if it isn’t”

“I can at the very least say we will not harm her.

We cannot tell you what we will do before we meet her, because we do not have an answer.

For now, we are simply interested.”

They aren’t interested in anyone but themselves.

They care about people that have wings and can fly, but not anyone else.

These people are interested in me.

—Girl and the winged ones – Part one

(The miko hides and hears the winged people.)


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