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Chapter 140 – Girl and what the boy can do

It’s made official that I’m going to start seeing Phyto in a few.

I still can’t go by myself, so we decide I’m going to go see her when it’s convenient for someone to go with me.

Right now I’m with Gaius, who is in his wolf form.

Having that said, even though Gaius can now turn into a wolf, we still don’t really know what he can do exactly.

He says that if he can do more things, he wants to be able to do them well.

I also want to use more magic, so we learn together.

I can use magic to float, and even move a little.

I can’t really use magic aside from wind magic right now, but I still feel like the amount of things I can do is increasing little by little.

That makes me happy.

Gaius dashes next to me in his wolf form.

He’s very fast and big.

Fluffy Gaius is really cool.

“Gaius, do you think, you can use magic”


(No, it’s hard.)”

I pet Gaius as he rests after running around.

Sometimes I brush him when he’s in his wolf form.

We try to learn more little by little, to increase the things we can do.

“Gaius, I think you might be able to use wind magic, because of Lerunda’s influence.”

“Gau gau.

(That’d be nice).”

“Shouldn’t you turn back into your regular form for now Being in that form depletes your magic energy, doesn’t it”

Gaius’ ears and tail changed color because of me, he can turn into a wolf, and he can see and hear Freinet even when she’s not showing herself.

He turns back into his regular form like Freinet says and sits down to rest.

He looks less tired than he used to after turning into a wolf, probably because he’s getting used to it.

It could also be because something is increasing his magic energy.

I don’t know for sure, because there’s so much to learn about this.

I want to learn more about my powers, and what I can and can’t do.

If I don’t know my limits, that can lead to trouble someday.

Having that said, will I be able to transform too if I work hard If there is magic like that, it would broaden my horizons.

I show Gaius wind magic, so hopefully he can learn to use it too.

I create something called a wind blade, and cut a tree by the root.

It makes a loud sound as it falls.

Gaius closes his eyes and concentrates to try to copy me.

His silver ears and tail move slightly.

I can sense magic energy gathering around Gaius.

This magic energy takes form, and Gaius opens his eyes just before it’s done.

His magic energy crashes into another tree, and although it’s not strong enough to bring it down, it can’t be denied that Gaius managed to give form to his magic energy.

“I did it!”

He says with a happy tone.

The things we can do are slowly increasing.

That makes me really happy too.

“Gaius, try to learn, how to float.

I want to, walk through the sky, with you.”

I think it’d be fun to go for a walk in the sky with Gaius, after he learns how to float.

Maybe I can learn how to make other people float too.

That way they don’t need to be able to use magic themselves to be able to float with me.

I want to be good enough at using magic to be able to do that.


When Gaius hears of walking through the sky, his eyes shine.

“I want to learn, how to do more things so we can all be together, forever.”

I get more and more ambition.

I want to be able to do more things, and advance further.

I’m full of motivation.

Gaius’ wish to create a place where everyone can smile together is everyone’s dream.

I want to work hard to make this dream come true, no matter what comes.

“Yes… I want to work to create a place where everyone can be at peace too.”

Says Gaius.

Thankfully, we don’t have big problems right now, but we might have to fight again someday.

I can’t imagine we’re going to be living peacefully like this forever.

That’s why we have to learn how to do more things.

All for the sake of our dream.

“Let’s, learn how to do, lots of things.”


We agree, and keep working hard.

Gaius starts wondering if he can use magic in his wolf form, but apparently he can’t do that yet.

—Girl and what the boy can do

(The miko works with the boy to increase the things they can do, all for the sake of their dream.)


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