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Chapter 129 – Priest and guidance

I, Ilma, am wandering in the forest, accompanied by a magic swordsman named Shehan.

This forest is overflowing with monsters, and so it is a dangerous place.

I would have a hard time here if I were alone, so I am glad to have her with me.

“I’m glad to have you with me, miss Shehan.”

“…I see.”

For some reason, she looks away when I thank her.

I ask her if I said anything to displease her, but she does not answer.

I am this deep into the forest because I am searching for the miko.

I have no way of knowing for sure if she truly is here, but something tells me she is.

I would not call it belief or conviction, I simply feel like she is here.

Even if she is not here, I have no regrets.

I just want to follow this hunch and move forward to see what I will find.

Also, I think this feeling inside me is something similar to guidance.

I believe my words and actions, and the consequences they bring are all according to god’s guidance.

So I will continue moving forward, regardless of what awaits me.

If possible, I want to meet the miko, and help fulfill the wishes of the one loved by god.

I am a priest who serves god after all.

“So the miko is supposed to be someone loved by god.

Does such a thing really exist”

“Yes, I am certain.

Do you not believe it miss Shehan”

“Well… I don’t really believe in this sort of thing.

I know I shouldn’t say this to a priest like you, but I don’t believe in god.

I only believe in my own strength.”

So says miss Shehan.

She believes not in god, but herself and her own strength.

“…I see.”

I have no intention of criticizing her for this.

I understand that many people think of god in different ways, and I will not force my own.

I will continue to believe in what I believe, and that is enough for me.

Miss Shehan says she believes in her own strength, which I think is a form of belief in its own way.

“We’re looking for her here because the one in Fairytrof is fake, right”


A mistake on our part led to the wrong person being brought in as the miko.

All the priests that saw the divine message lost consciousness, including me, but this still should never have happened.”

Receiving a divine message is a very difficult thing to do.

Something many priests have attempted.

I once again realize how incredible it is to have the power to receive a divine message alone, and how important the person that could was.

I also wish to one day be able to receive divine messages on my own.

Still, if I could have held out a little longer before fainting at that time, I could have transmitted more information about the miko.

I said her age and location, but I never expected her to have a twin, or that her parents would hide her existence.

This coincidence on top of another coincidence led to our country losing the miko.

On the other hand, maybe this is the will of god, or fate.

Everything that happened is connected, and so are our actions.

The country failing to secure the miko, my mission to find her, and myself and the magic swordsman wandering the forest.

I am sure everything is connected.

If I never get to meet the miko, I will accept that as being my fate.

If by some miracle I do, I will also accept it as my fate.

We continue walking, looking for someone we have no idea where she could be, or if she is even in this forest, when I suddenly see something peculiar.

I only see it faintly, but it appears to be a girl.

A green haired girl with a mysterious air around her.

Is she here alone That certainly is odd.

When our eyes meet, she looks surprised, and vanishes.

I tell miss Shehan about what just happened.

She was looking the same way, so she should have seen her as well, but she has no idea what I am talking about.

“She was right in front of us.”

“I didn’t see anything.”

For a moment, I wonder if it was just my imagination, but I quickly shake off this thought.

I am positive I saw her.

Could it be that only I can see her

I am suddenly delighted, when I realize that this being may be connected to the miko.

—Priest and guidance

(The priest sees someone, and is visibly happy as he realizes she may be connected to the miko.)


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