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Chapter 127 – Girl and another encounter

I touch Gaius’ fur without thinking.

Everyone was surprised at first to see Gaius’ wolf form, but lately he’s been training to be able to transform quickly and move well while in this form, so he’s ready to use it if he ever needs it.

When Gaius is going around the village in his wolf form, I find him very quickly.

I touch his silver fur a lot.

I don’t touch his ears and tail because he told me not to, but I really want to pet his body, and he tells me I can do it a little.

He also lets me brush it like I do with the gryphons and sky horse.

His fur is nice and fluffy.

He’s still a kid like me, but he’s big when he turns into a wolf.

Is his wolf form going to become bigger as he gets older In any case, his wolf form is really pretty and cool.

I could look at it all day.

“Your fur, is really, fluffy.”

It’s fluffy and feels really nice.


(Lerunda, you touch too much.)

“But, it’s so fluffy.”

Gaius looks exasperated.

I thought I’d have trouble reading his expressions in this wolf form, but I can understand what he’s thinking.

It’s probably because he transformed into a wolf because of me.

I feel like we’re somehow connected too.

“Gaius, what do you think, about turning, into a wolf”

I ask as I pet him.

First his ears and tail turned silver, and now he can turn into a wolf.

“Gaugaugaugau… Gaugau.

(I kind of have mixed feelings… But I guess I’m happy about it.)”

“…Some things might change, because you can turn, into a wolf…”


(It can’t be helped.)”


I’m probably the miko, and I have power that no one else has.

My influence gave Gaius the power to turn into a wolf.

Even if we don’t change anything, things might change around us, like what happened with mister Roma.

I think Gaius feels more grown up than me, and thinks about things more clearly.

I have to think about things clearly like him.

I’m going to do my best not to give up.

This is what I think about as I stroke Gaius’ fur.

A few days later, miss Sinorn, Freinet, and Scifo come with me to the forest.

I want to practice using magic and keep increasing the things I can do.

A few gryphons are watching the other people.

I’m relieved because it looks like there’s no problem at the moment.

Phyto has been quiet too.

Maybe when we get to know each other better and become friends, I can ask her about how she can talk to god.

I ask the beast people watching over her how she’s doing, but they say she’s just living normally, and doesn’t seem to be talking to god or anything.

They say if anything, she just looks like she spaces out a lot.

If I can get closer to her, I want to know more about her.

“Hihihi, hihihin.

(Lerunda, something is coming.)”

Says Scifo while I practice my magic.

Miss Sinorn starts cautiously looking around with a worried expression.

I also think we need to watch out for whatever is coming, so we hide.

While hiding, we see two humans.

One has a sword.

Is it a woman The other one is dressed like the priests that came to take my sister two years ago.

I can’t tell if the priest is a man or a woman.

“Do you really think this being you’re looking for is in this forest”

“I do not know, but I do feel like the miko is here.

Miko Is this priest looking for me The priest and this swordsman

Did anything happen in that country of humans that made them come look for me That country took my sister as the miko, so why are they looking for the miko in a forest

I don’t understand at all.

What I do understand is that it’s not a good idea to jump out now.

I can’t just show myself to them without thinking.

I need to talk about them with the people in the village.

We stay still until they’re gone.

—Girl and another encounter

(The girl that is probably the miko finds two people in the forest, and stays still until they leave.)


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