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Chapter 126 – The educator’s records – Part three

[Records regarding the miko]

Recorder: Landouno Stoffer

The being known as the miko is still full of mysteries, but there are things I have come to understand as I spend time with Lerunda.

Currently, we are coexisting with a different group of people, but crops do not grow as easily where they live.

Are the two places different because of how Lerunda perceives them

When Lerunda lived in the kingdom of Fairytrof, the country itself was prosperous, probably because Lerunda saw herself as belonging to said country.

If the place where Lerunda feels like she belongs to is prosperous, it probably means that she does not currently think of our village and the place where the other people live as the same place, and does not think of them as a part of our group.

There is still a lot to uncover regarding this, but what I do know for sure is that the blessing given by the being known as the miko is most certainly not decided by distance.

If it was, the other group of people would be receiving her blessings, since they are not very far from us.

Lerunda is becoming better at using wind magic.

She is still unable to use it to fly, but she can float.

What she can do is slowly increasing, and she is slowly growing.

One of our people has died due to our involvement with the other group.

This caused a great deal of pain to Lerunda, and she decided she is going to learn how to use her power better.

What Lerunda loves receives the miko’s blessing, but seeing as mister Athos and now mister Roma have died, we can say for sure that the miko’s power is not omnipotent.

I suspect that the miko’s power was specifically made to protect.

Mister Athos would not have been killed by humans, and mister Roma by the other people living nearby if they had not left the village.

Mister Athos was captured when he left the village, and mister Roma went to where the other group lives voluntarily.

In regards to the monster in the elven village, I believe she would have never come across such a dangerous monster if she did not do so of her own volition, and decided she wanted to destroy it.

If we understand these traits of Lerunda better, will we achieve her goal of creating a place where we can be at peace more easily

Yes, Lerunda says she wants ‘to create a place where we can all be at peace’.

When mister Athos, who was very close to her, passed away, she decided she wanted more power.

Currently, at least in this land, it is easy for humans to live, but not so much for other races.

Humans have built gigantic countries, and it is said they have more power than any other race, who do not have such large groups of people.

Because of this, people that are stronger than humans as individuals end up being weaker.

Our village is coming up nicely, but if a country decided to attack us, we would be unable to put up a fight.

Lerunda and Gaius say they want to create a place where people can be at peace, but in my opinion, the only way to stand against a country is to create a country of our own.

A place where different races live, humans, beast people, and elves.

The creation of such a place involves the girl thought to be the miko, and I once again realize that I stand in the middle of something that will go down in history.

Lerunda is getting the power to achieve her goal, and part of it is the power she used to turn Gaius into one of the ‘miko’s knights’.

Gaius has been granted the power to turn into a beast, something his ancestors could do at will, but current beast people cannot.

I feel as though there is a good chance that people will see Gaius’ change and pressure Lerunda to make them ‘miko’s knights’, so I should try to manipulate this information so as not to let that happen.

I do not feel like there are people in this village who would ignore Lerunda’s will and pressure her, but people change.

The more Lerunda’s power grows, and the more she displays that she is a special being, the more people around her will change.

At least I believe that this is very likely to happen.

I intend to try to not let this happen.

I have no fighting strength to speak of, so to think to protect the miko may be foolish, but I will work towards making Lerunda’s life a peaceful one.

—The educator’s records – Part three

(The woman continues to make notes about the girl that is probably the miko.

She believes people around her will change as the girl continues to display her power, and will work towards making sure she lives in peace.)


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