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Chapter 121 – Girl and people – Part eight

I see how naive I am, and I’m worried because things can’t continue on like this.

I’m with the gryphons, Scifo, and Freinet, while mister Dongu and the other adults are talking about what to do about the other people.

Why did mister Roma pass away this time It all started when I got involved with them.

I can’t get the thought that maybe I should’ve ignored them out of my head.

I know they’re not all bad people, it’s just that a lot of things have been piling up.

The same can be said about everyone I’ve met so far.

Thinking back to when we met the elves, they would’ve offered us as sacrifices if I didn’t convince mister Sileva to go another way.

In the end, the beast people and elves agreed to walk forward together, but if something went even just a little wrong, it could’ve ended in a much different way.

Honestly, I can’t understand the way of thinking that led them to accept mister Roma and then decide to just eliminate him when things didn’t turn out the way they wanted.

But this world has a lot of people like that, people that do things that I can’t even imagine.

I have to always keep that in mind.

It’s very sad that mister Roma is dead.

I’ll never see him or talk to him again.

I feel a sense of loss in my heart, like there’s a hole in it.

Miss Lan talks about things being different in places where I am and am not but… I have to understand my powers better.

I have to know what inside me is different from other people, or I don’t think I will be able to use this power well.

I think I can produce good results if I can learn what about me is different, manifest this power correctly, and use it well.

I think about this as I lean on Ruruma.

Would this end peacefully if I used the strength of my family

“Hey… I don’t want, to threaten, but maybe… I should have.”

“Guruguruu, rururu (I don’t know about these complicated things, but I think what you did was right.)”

“Yes… I don’t know, what’s right but… I think things would’ve gone better, if I did.”

I wanted to end this just by talking, and didn’t think about what would happen once those talks turned bad.

I have to think about what to do when that happens.

Sometimes things can’t be solved just by talking, so I have to use the things about me that are different from other people.

If I can use them well, I can make things go better.

I’m sure I’ll hear all sorts of things when I use my power well, but the results are more important.

“I’ll do my best.”

It’s sad, but I can’t just feel down forever.

Nothing will come from standing still thinking about it, so I have to move on.

Still, I’m going to keep the people that passed away close to my heart.

I didn’t want to lose anyone, but protecting everything and losing nothing is very difficult.

Still, no matter how hard it is to not lose anyone, I’m going to keep wishing for it.

I’m going to understand and use this power better, to protect everyone.

As I’m thinking this, I start making my way towards mister Dongu and the others to tell them about it, but I stop.

It looks like they’ve decided what to do.

In the end, they decide not to drive them away from this area or worse.

However, they also decide that we can’t keep being so soft, and we need to take hostages.

Hostages… That’s a word I wanted to avoid, but I also know that if we just leave things the way they are, it’s going to end badly.

The people on the other side were the ones that first brought up taking hostages, as they apologized to us.

They said they were willing to offer their lives if it meant saving their children.

This eventually led to them offering hostages.

—Girl and people – Part eight

(The girl that is probably the miko decides to understand her own power better and use it well.

The relationship between the beast people and the new people changes.)


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