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Chapter 117 – Girl and people – Part six

These strange people will be living near our village, and we’ll start interacting with each other.

That’s our compromise.

After talking with mister Dongu, mister Sileva, and miss Lan, it’s decided that we are going to compromise by giving up on the idea of not getting involved at all.

Even putting mister Roma aside, if they are going to be living close to the village, I don’t think we can stay completely uninvolved.

Everyone in the village accepts this compromise.

What’s strange is that even now that they’re living close to the village, they still can’t reach it.

Miss Lan says once again that it’s because of me.

If it’s good for the village, I’m happy about it.

They agree to return mister Roma to us right away, and we find out that he was the one that decided to offer himself as a hostage.

He went behind us and became their friend, and wanted to help them because he felt sorry for them.

Mister Roma… He doesn’t feel bad about being taken hostage, and says ‘if we have something to give, why don’t we’.

Mister Dongu has a bitter expression on his face, and yells at him.

If he doesn’t, mister Roma is just going to continue doing this.

But apparently mister Roma has gotten attached to them, and is still filled with motivation to help them.

It’s probably because he’s feeling comfortable now, because things are going well for us.

We never know when that will stop being the case, but since things are good now, more people start wanting to take action like mister Roma.

And also, they tell us that the people that said very scary things like wanting to take us hostage are being watched by them.

Apparently they’re the same people that Freinet heard say they should take our village from us.

It looks like they don’t all think the same way.

I think that’s natural when you have so many people.

“If Roma does something like this again, we might have to abandon him for the sake of the village.

Of course, we all want to achieve our goal together, and it would be different if he was taken against his will, but we can’t cover for him if he intentionally causes trouble by going to them of his own volition.”


“There are limits.

If he does something like that again, there will be no way out of it.”


Says mister Oshashio, and I nod.

Grandma is next to me.

Mister Roma is very dear to her, but she also agrees, with sadness on her face.

Everyone wants mister Roma to be here as we all move forwards.

I think so too, so I try to talk to him about it, but he says he has become friends with them, and those people are important to him.

He really wants to help them.

No matter what I say, what he says about them doesn’t change.

And then he says…

“Lerunda, you’ve never been starving, so you don’t understand!”


“You’ve never been in danger because you’re the miko or something.

You don’t understand how I, or they feel.

I know that if I try to help them it will cause trouble for us, but as someone that has gone through similar hardships, I want to help them.”

I’ve never been starving.

That means I’ve never been so hungry I might die.

I was always lucky and found things to eat.

I’ve never really been in mortal danger either.

I’ve always made it through safely somehow.

People that tried to raise their hands at me couldn’t.

When people tried to hit me or kick me… They couldn’t.

In the beast people’s village, when there was famine, they were really hungry, and there were times when people were really in danger.

When people fought monsters, they really got hurt.

I’ve never experienced something like that.

I’ve never been starving, and when I fought, I couldn’t be hurt.

I don’t know real hunger.

Yes, so…

That’s why my words can’t reach mister Roma.

No matter what I say, in the end, I don’t really understand their troubles.

Even if I think I understand their situation, I don’t understand their pain.

I think I’ve survived all this time because I’m not like other people, but being different can be hard too.

I can’t share that pain.

In the end, mister Roma goes back to them, and bloodshed happens in the place where they’re living.

—Girl and people – Part six

(The girl that is probably the miko can’t share other people’s pain because she’s special, and can’t talk Roma down.

Roma then goes back to where the other people are living.)


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