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Chapter 115 – Girl and people – Part four

They say that in order for us to get mister Roma back safely, we have to go to them.

Just me and a few people.

They must be scared because beast people’s physical abilities are better.

As we talk about who is going to these negotiations…

“I want to go.”

Gaius steps forward and says he wants to go with us.

“Gaius, you know, it’s dangerous”

“…Yes, but it’s dangerous for you too Lerunda.

I don’t know how helpful I can be, but I want to go.”

Says Gaius as he looks at me.

I get the feeling he’ll come after us no matter what we say.

Apparently mister Dongu feels the same way.

It’s decided that Gaius will be coming with us, and so will Freinet, since they can’t see her anyway.

One elf will be coming with us too.

Wetani, the woman miss Lan and me stayed with in the elven village.

If they want to negotiate, I doubt they’ll do anything to us no questions asked.

It will probably all work out.

No, I’ll make it work out.

This all started because I saved them.

If I didn’t do anything, it wouldn’t have turned into something so complicated.

It wouldn’t have come to this if I didn’t tell them about the village and invited them here.

I have to make sure everyone comes to an agreement.

“Miss Lan, what do I, have to watch out for”

“The most important thing is make sure they don’t catch you.

It will probably be fine, since you have Freinet with you, but be careful.”


“No one knows exactly what’s right, or what the future will hold, so do what you think is best.

No matter what happens, it won’t just be your responsibility, we will all take responsibility as well.”


“This all started with you, but we would have probably come into contact with them sooner or later.

They were wandering around this area anyway, and it just so happened that you were the first one to find them.

Don’t feel like this is your burden and yours alone.

Obviously, you shouldn’t do anything without thinking carefully, but no matter what choices you make, we will be here to face the consequences together.

If you’re wrong, we’ll be here to scold you, so do what you think is right.”

Miss Lan encourages me.

I’m feeling anxious about going there, but since I’m the one that invited them, I’m also filled with the feeling of wanting to do my best.

I’m worried and anxious, but everyone encourages me.

“…I’ll save, mister Roma.”


“I won’t, let him die.”

I don’t want to lose anyone, as hard as that will be.

“That’s, my goal.”

I don’t want anyone to die.

I’m scared, but I have to take responsibility for my actions.

I’ll save mister Roma.

With this determination in mind, I head to the designated place with Gaius, miss Wetani, and Freinet.

When we get there, we see them cautiously looking around.

I haven’t seen them since the time I saved them.

There were only a few back then, but there are more here now.

A lot of them look thin, probably because they haven’t been eating well.

I feel bad for them… But I can’t let that affect my decisions.

They seem relieved that we didn’t bring many people with us, just like they said.

Where is mister Roma I start looking around, but I can’t see him.

“Lerunda, we should talk first.”

Says Freinet, and I stop looking around.

I look directly at them, and they look at us.

No, I think they’re only looking at me.

Is it because I’m human I don’t know, but if they’re interested in me, won’t that make the negotiations run smoother

I clench my fists, but don’t look away.

This is my way of showing I will definitely save mister Roma.

“…Is mister Roma, alright”

I ask first.

“That depends on you.”

Says an old man with more showy patterns on his face than anyone here.

He’s probably their chief.

—Girl and people – Part four

(The girl that is probably the miko faces the other people, and negotiations begin.)


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