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Chapter 110 – Prince and a written order

The king of Fairytrof, Nina’s father, has passed away, and the country is in danger of collapsing.

My father, the king of Migha, would usually not ignore such an opportunity, but he has his own problems to deal with.

When news that the miko had appeared in the kingdom of Fairytrof started spreading, the kingdom of Migha started attacking and enslaving people of other races, or just people that simply did not obey the kingdom.

This was done for the sake of increasing our human resources, but the negative effects are starting to become clear.

The kingdom of Migha simply cannot handle the rapid increase in slaves, or manage them all.

I have always convinced myself that my father’s wishes were absolute and that I could never go against them.

I realized this when Nina yelled at me.

But now, as I see the country taking a turn for the worse, I have mixed feelings.

I receive a written order from my father.

It says to kill the slaves causing trouble.

To dispose of them, as if we were talking about objects.

What do I want to do

Honestly, I hate the idea of enslaving people in itself.

I have always done it under the excuse that I was just following orders, and I could do nothing about it.

Also, my father will surely set his sights on Fairytrof once the unrest in our country dies down.

The third prince of Fairytrof has announced that since the king has died due to harboring a false miko, he should be king.

He announced this not just to his country, but outside of it as well.

My father is likely going to attack the kingdom of Fairytrof under the pretense of executing divine punishment for worshiping a false miko, once the trouble in our own country is settled.

The miko is being used as a political tool, which probably will not be a problem if the miko really is false, and the girl I met before really is the true miko.

I… Don’t want to attack Nina’s country.

What would happen to a princess of a defeated country As this thought pops into my mind, I start to think that I would probably even prefer that a civil war broke out in this country.

My father… and Nina.

Which side should I take

Up until very recently, I would have rushed to support my father with no hesitation.

But I met Nina, and her words are always in the back of my mind.

I start wondering what path will leave me with no regrets, and after calmly pondering it, I decide to walk alongside Nina.

But now what should I do

Being the fifth princess and having some claim to the throne must put her in a difficult position in the kingdom next door.

I highly doubt she is sitting still watching all of this unfold.

Surely she is on the move, trying her hardest to find the path that will leave her with no regrets.

I must do the same.

At this point, it will be hard to get in contact with her, or even know what she is doing.

But I must think for myself, and do what I can to help her.

The first thing I will do, is meet with the slaves revolting against the country.

I am one of the people responsible for their enslavement, and most likely someone they detest.

Still, I think the first thing I need to do is get on their good side, and not let my father find out about it.

My heart always hurt when I captured slaves, but in my idiotic pessimism, I convinced myself there was no way I could disobey my father, and did nothing about it.

But now, is it not time to act, and follow my heart

I always told myself my father was right, but his idea to capture more slaves has brought trouble to the country.

The kingdom of Migha, partly because of my father’s policy, makes a distinction between slaves and citizens.

Can I do something about that It will be very difficult, but in this situation, I will follow my heart.

I cannot erase my sins of when I ignored my wishes and followed my father’s orders.

I accept what I have done.

Before, when I met that girl that may be the real miko, I wondered if she would do me the favor of killing me, but in the end, all I wanted was to find peace.

But now, I do not feel that way anymore.

I will follow my heart, and act in my own way.

I do not know what will happen to this world, but I will try my hardest to not regret my actions.

“From now on…”

I did not trust my subordinates either, but the people that have been following me all this time truly worry about me.

Now, after Nina made me take a good look at my surroundings, I tell the people I think I can trust how I feel.

—Prince and a written order

(The seventh prince steels his resolve and decides to do what his heart tells him.

The heart of the prince that was once like a doll is moved by a princess of the neighboring kingdom.)


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