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Chapter 104 – A country in disarray

The kingdom of Fairytrof, a country with a long history, is in a state of chaos.

The king passed away without any sort of warning, and with this, came trouble over succession.

The kingdom of Fairytrof has three princes and five princesses.

Of these five princesses, only the youngest, Ninaev Fairy, is yet to be married.

The first son of the princess consort is the crown prince, her second son the second prince, and the third prince, whose mother is a high ranking noble, is the third in the line of succession.

The fifth princess, Ninaev Fairy, barely has any right of succession, and the remaining four princesses have all married influential nobles within the kingdom.

The one with the right to decide, the king, has passed away.

The common citizens are anxious over what will happen, and that is when the third prince makes a proclamation.

He says the miko they have been harboring is false, and that is what led to his father’s death.

It is for this reason that nothing but bad things have been happening in their country, even though such a noble being is supposed to bring them happiness.

He says the king knew the miko was false, but conspired with the temple so they could have the miko in their country, and willingly presented a false miko to the people.

The miko is a child loved by god.

God watches over the miko.

Pretending to be the miko is to cheat the miko.

He tells everyone that the parents pretended their daughter was the miko because they sought a life of luxury, and that is why the mother’s health deteriorated and she collapsed.

“If this is not the wrath of god, then what is”

Says the third prince.

He proudly states that he joined forces with lower priests that suspected the beautiful girl was in fact not the miko, so they could imprison her.

He speaks of how the princess consort and her sons knew all about the king’s conspiracy, but their own greed kept them quiet, and how the king died because he cheated the miko.

He states that the country’s current condition is a display of god’s anger towards them for parading a false miko, and that he rose up because he could not sit idly by and watch as the situation became worse.

“My brothers incurred the wrath of god, and have no right to be king.

I will be the king of this country.”

He says.

His words show clear enmity towards the princess consort, her two sons, nobility, and the people of the great temple.

The crown prince and second prince say they had no idea their father was doing such things.

They say that if they or their mother knew about it and their father’s death was divine punishment, surely they would be receiving divine punishment as well, but no such thing is happening.

The third prince calls them liars.

The people of the great temple show anger over the third prince’s assumptions, and demand he return them their miko.

The higher ups are strangely quiet, but their fervent believers tell themselves that since they are closest to god, they must be deeply focused, thinking about something.

And then, the members of royalty start making their claims to the throne, and the nobles that married princesses also start making their voices heard.

The faction of the first and second prince and their mother has the biggest claim, but it is also further divided into people who back the first prince and people who back the second prince.

The third prince insists that since they fabricated a false miko, he is the rightful king, and the nobles that married princesses also start making their moves.

In the temple there is much turmoil over the miko having been captured.

The country is in disarray.

Why did the king really die Is the miko really false What will happen to our country

The common citizens have a lot to worry about, but they decide that the current condition of their country and the current instability is the fault of the false miko.

Some go as far as to say that the girl that was taken in as the miko should be executed for impersonating the miko.

When this girl first appeared in their country, they feverishly proclaimed her to be a beauty worthy of being the miko.

They accepted her as the being that would lead their country down a path of happiness, but…

That girl is probably not the miko.

This idea alone is enough for them to see her as sinful, and for them to see her as responsible for incurring the wrath of god.

All of their woes are being pushed onto this girl.

Meanwhile, the fifth princess, Ninaev Fair, makes preparations to act in a way that will leave her with no regrets.

—A country in disarray

(The country is wrapped in chaos, as many scramble to attain the respected position of king.

Meanwhile, the people seek to remove the girl they once accepted, and the fifth princess begins to act.)


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