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Chapter 101 – Girl and magic training – Part one

“Lerunda, first try focusing your magic energy.”


I’m in the forest, a little far from our new home, because I want to be able to use wind magic.

If I can use wind magic by myself, I’ll be able to do a lot more, and be much more helpful.

I’m here with Freinet and the gryphons Ruriha and Kamiha.

Their daughter, Rumiha, stayed in the village.

I was going to come here with just Freinet, but we still don’t know this area very well, or if there are any dangers lurking about, so the two gryphons came with us.

Still, if I really am the miko, I don’t think I’ll come across anything dangerous even if I go into the forest.

I’m not a hundred percent sure if that’s the case, but I think I can focus on my training and not worry.

Picture wind.

When we fought that plant monster, I used magic alongside Freinet.

That’s why it went so well.

But when I try to do it alone, it’s hard because the magic energy disperses before it can take the form that’s in my mind.

I once again realize how difficult magic is.

Wind magic is a lot harder to use than physical strengthening magic.

“It’s hard…”

“Everyone is like that at first.

Lerunda, you have good wind aptitude, so you can do it if you keep trying.”

“Good wind aptitude…”


Every being you formed a contract with is compatible with wind.

It’s obvious you have good wind aptitude.”


Freinet is right, everyone seems compatible with wind.

The gryphons and Scifo can fly, and the wind feels nice when I fly with them.

“You might be able to use other kinds of magic too, but for now let’s just focus on wind magic.”


Says Freinet, and I nod.

I’m a little impatient about the current situation.

I want to be more helpful to everyone, but I don’t have any specific job I can do or anything, and I’m very different from what I want to be.

Praying every day makes me feel a little calmer, and everyone says with a smile that I don’t have to rush things, so I try to do more little by little.

Learning magic is one of those things.

If I can use wind magic well, I might be able to protect the people I love so much.

That is if I can do it though.

But we never know what kind of dangers might appear, so I want to be ready when the time comes.

This is something that’s on everyone’s minds too.

When we decided to build the village, and as it started taking shape, everyone started trying to become stronger.

Gaius wants to know more about the change that happened in his body, so he’s been going out with mister Dongu to hunt, and the elves have been working hard to improve their magic.

They don’t just give up on becoming stronger and protecting the people they love when some sort of disaster comes.

I think that’s great.

When I tell this to mister Sileva, he says ‘You once told me we cannot say something is impossible before we try.

We agree with that sentiment.’

That’s true, I did say that when he told me about the monster.

I’m happy that they feel that way.

Everyone’s working hard to achieve their goals, and I have to do the same.

That’s why I try my best to refine my magic energy.

I can feel the warm magic energy inside of me.

I need to give it shape, so I picture a wind blade.

I try to cut the tree in front of me, but it doesn’t work.

The same thing happens many times.

It doesn’t go well, but as I keep repeating it, I can feel myself becoming better little by little.

I can definitely feel that I’m a little bit better than when I started, and realizing this makes me happy.

“Lerunda, you’re getting a little better.”


“Maybe your wish of being able to fly will come true when you can control your wind magic better”


I think about flying.

I see the scenery from up in the sky when I’m riding on the backs of the gryphons and Scifo, but I think it would be great if I could fly on my own.

I think it would be fun if I could fly on my own and go around flying with my family.

I get excited just thinking about it.

I’m human, Reimar and the others are gryphons, Scifo is a sky horse, and Freinet is a wind spirit.

We’re all different species, but I see them as family.

It’s nice being together with my family, so I want to be able to fly with them too.

That wish makes me focus on my wind magic training even harder.

—Girl and magic training – Part one

(The girl that is probably the miko practices using magic with the wind spirit.

She does her best to one day be able to protect the people she loves.)


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