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Chapter 30: The Woman With Heavy Makeup

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Han Dazhu locked the bicycle and opened the sack before taking out a potato the size of a football…

Qin Xi quickly went forward to stop him. “Grandpa, Ill go in and find the person-in-charge to ask first. If they dont want it, well go somewhere else. Its too troublesome to move it around like this. Whats more, itll attract too much attention”

The thing was that their potatoes were too big. It was better to keep a low profile.

Perhaps because of constantly living in danger in her previous life, Qin Xi did not want to attract too much attention before she had the ability to do so.

“Alright, go ahead!” Han Dazhu thought for a moment and put the potato back.

Qin Xi walked into the restaurant.

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It was morning and there were many people eating breakfast. The restaurant was in full swing, and the three old waiters were like busy bees darting between seats.

However, Qin Xis appearance still attracted a lot of attention.

She had a lolita face and was born with a pair of dimples. Her bright eyes were slightly curved like a moon, giving people a very good feeling.

In this remote town, they had never seen anyone with skin so tender and bubbly. Moreover, her aura was very extraordinary. If not for the fact that she was dressed simply, everyone would think that she was a girl from the city.

People all threw glances at her from time to time.

Qin Xi got straight to the point. “May I ask who is in charge here”

“Hey, why are you looking for our person-in-charge” A woman in her thirties with heavy makeup walked out from behind the counter and asked.


The woman was wearing a fashionable red dress, revealing her not-so-slim wheat-colored thighs. She was looking at her arrogantly.

Qin Xi could tell the woman was green with jealousy, but was it her fault to born so pretty She ignored her arrogance and said gently, “Here is the thing. I have some top-notch fresh vegetables to sell. I came to ask if you want to buy them.”

“Go, go, go. Who in the world are you What if what you sell makes the customers sick Can you afford to pay”

The woman looked at Qin Xi impatiently and sized her up in disdain. She mocked, “I think youre not here to sell vegetables, but to sell yourself! You want to find our person-in-charge and hook up with him What a bi*ch!”

Qin Xis smiley face immediately darkened. “I advise you to be more careful with your choice of words. Dont use your dirty thoughts to judge others. Not everyone is like you.”

These words immediately angered the woman. The woman was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. She pointed at Qin Xi and shouted, “How dare you talk to me like that Ill tear your foul mouth apart!”

Being pointed at and wrongly accused, Qin Xi was not in a good mood either.

She narrowed her eyes and seriously sized up the womans face. From reading her face, Qin Xi suddenly realized that her romantic life was very messy. This meant that this woman was either a mistress or someone who relied on her body to gain benefits.

She looked at the womans face again. Although there was a thick layer of makeup, Qin Xi still noticed something.

Qin Xi suddenly smiled and asked in a mysterious tone, “Auntie, do you feel like theres a fire burning in you every night Even if you drink a gallon of water, you cant quench the fire.”

“How do you know”

The woman was stunned for a moment before she reacted and screamed, “Hold on, did you just call me auntie”

Qin Xi asked with a faint smile, “Do you want to know what illness you have”


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