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Chapter 29: Going to the Town

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The next day, just as dawn broke, Qin Xi and Luo Xiujuan woke up early and went to the vegetable field to pick vegetables.

In the countryside, there was no shortage of vegetable fields. Almost every family had a large vegetable garden. Some turned it into orchards, while others planted vegetables or raised livestock.

Although the Han family did not have many people, they occupied a large area. The entire courtyard was about two acres.

There were two pigs in the pigpen on the left. On the right was the vegetable garden that could provide food for the entire year.

The two of them did not pick much, but it was enough to fill large sacks. They tied the sacks on the back of the bicycle.

Qin Xi had borrowed this bicycle from Liu Dequan. He loved this bicycle so much that he couldnt bear to ride it himself, but when Qin Xi asked, not to mention borrowing it, he wouldnt mind giving it to her.

Just as they finished loading the bicycle, Han Dazhu walked out of the house and waved at Luo Xiujuan. “Xiujuan, stay at home. Ill go with Xi.”

Luo Xiujuan wasnt educated and couldnt even count. She was also not as strong as the old man, so she wouldnt be much of a help even if she went. She thought for a moment and nodded. “Alright, Ill go make some food now. You can leave after eating.”

Han Dazhu smiled and refused. “If we set out after eating, there wont be any space for us to set up the stall. Skipping a meal or two wont be a big deal. Besides, if were hungry, we can buy two buns on the way.”

Qin Xi patted the vegetables in the sack. “Yes, Mom, we wont go hungry. We can make do with the vegetables.”

Luo Xiujuan said, “Alright, be careful on the way.”

Han Dazhu pushed the bicycle and walked in front while Qin Xi followed behind with the sack. The two of them had just walked more than ten meters out of the house when they saw Han Shi putting on his clothes and running out, shouting, “Wifey, wait for me. I want to go too!”

Hence, the three of them walked into town.


The town was called Qinglin Town. It was not too far from Shangwan Village, about 40 minutes of walking distance. As soon as they arrived at the entrance of the town, it became crowded.

The Host had never left Shangwan Village. This was the first time she came to Qinglin Town. Looking at the bustling town street, Qin Xi, for a moment, couldnt quite get used to it.

In her previous life, she was used to the fast-paced city life with a dense population, high-rise buildings, and traffic.

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Now that she was in eighties, there was no traffic, no tall buildings, no street advertisements, only the shouts of all kinds of vendors selling their goods.

“Girl, lets go over there!”

Han Dazhu pointed at a corner. Although they woke up early, the good spots had already been taken.

Only the inconspicuous corner filled with trash was empty.

Qin Xi frowned and looked around the market. Seeing that there were indeed no good spots, she was about to nod when the spot was taken by an old woman selling socks.

“Sigh, its taken too!” Han Dazhu said with a sigh, shaking his head.

Qin Xi suddenly thought of a good idea and looked at Han Dazhu with a smile. “Grandpa, I have an idea. Anyway, were selling vegetables. Why dont we just sell it to a restaurant or something”

Han Dazhus eyes lit up. “Youre right. Lets go. Theres a big restaurant on the main street in town. Ask them if they want it.”

Qin Xi pulled Han Shi who was checking out the various stalls and followed Han Dazhu to a restaurant.

Looking at the poorly decorated restaurant, Qin Xi asked with her mouth wide open in shock, “Grandpa, is this the big restaurant you talked about”

“Thats right. This is the largest restaurant in town.”


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