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Chapter 26: Treating the Leg

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“Xi, is this the homemade poultice you mentioned”

Liu Dequan squatted down in front of Han Dazhu and asked, “What does it do”

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Seeing that it was about time, Qin Xi took out the small wooden stick she had prepared in advance and gently knocked on the dried poultice on Han Dazhus leg. The poultice fell off piece by piece like soil.

She explained, “It can heal and remove bruises, and treat bone pain. Not only that, but its also very effective at reducing swelling, inflammation, and pain. It can also prevent allergies and protect the skin.”

When Liu Dequan heard that, he was shocked. “Its that magical”

Qin Xi smiled and said, “Grandpa Liu, Chinese medicine is a magical existence to begin with. Whether its the medical prescription or the treatment method, Chinese medicine has always been unparalleled. Only by constantly studying it can one understand the essence and mysteries.”

Liu Dequan nodded in shame. “Ive lived for so long, but Im not as knowledgeable as you.”

Qin Xi shook her head. “Grandpa Liu, its not that I am more knowledgeable than you, but because youre just limited to this small village and havent come into contact with more patients. Only by constantly learning and accumulating experience can people learn.”

After removing the poultice on Han Dazhus leg, Qin Xi asked, “Grandpa, how do you feel now”

Han Dazhu stretched his legs and felt less pain than before. He laughed heartily and said, “It feels very good. In the past, I felt like this leg was rusty. When I raised it, it made cracking sounds, and it was very difficult to move it. Now, look…”

He raised it easily and shook it. He was so surprised that he couldnt stop smiling. “I can raise it easily, as if its totally healed. This is amazing.”

Liu Dequan knew how serious Han Dazhus leg injury was. Not only was his leg broken, but the nerves were also damaged.

However, he did not expect that such a serious injury, which had lasted for over a decade, would be healed so quickly and miraculously.


This was unbelievable.

He went up to take a closer look, his eyes filled with shock.

Qin Xi took out the set of acupuncture needles Liu Dequan gave her and said, “Grandpa, Im going to start performing acupuncture. It might be a little painful this time. Bear with it.”

Han Dazhu stretched out his leg and said boldly, “Bring it on! As long as it can be cured, this pain is nothing.”

At this moment, Han Shi ran over from nowhere. When he saw them looking attentively at his grandfathers legs, he leaned over curiously and asked matter-of-factly, “Wifey, what are you doing Do you want to lick his legs”

The corners of Qin Xis mouth twitched. She took out a thin and long silver needle and teased, “No, its because Grandpa is being naughty, so Im going to needle him. Do you want to be naughty”

Han Shis expression changed drastically. He retreated in a panic and shook his head. “Im a good kid, Im a good kid. Im more obedient than Grandpa. Dont needle me. If you want to needle, needle Grandpa!”

After saying that, he ran into the room.

Han Dazhu was furious. He cursed angrily, “This little bastard really needs to be taught a lesson!”

Qin Xi said with a smile, “Grandpa, when you recover, you can hit him however you want. I guarantee that you can catch him easily.”

“Thats right. When I recover, Ill teach this brat a lesson!” Han Dazhu laughed out loud.

After laughing, Qin Xi took out nine silver needles and quickly stabbed them into a few acupoints on Han Dazhus leg. She used her Qi to control the needles. A warm current flowed through Han Dazhus nerves. Immediately, a strong pain swept over.


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