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My Godly system Training Day 1

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Simon freshened up and went outside asking his way about still he got to the training field.On reaching the training field he saw lots of weapons all around of all type one could imagine and of all centuries and he found Jacob holding a really long spare in his hand and was giving some set of men orders, ahmm Jacob am here as Jacob turned back and dismissed the others.

Well well what do we have here if if isn the so called chosen one as he threw the spare in his hands to Simon and went to take another one lets start,as Jacob ran with his super speed towards Simon and boom he kicked Simon to the ground Simon still shocked because he didn knew it was going to get this serious as Jacob came with full face and a wired small on his face towards Simon as he was about to hit Simon for the second time vooom Simon was off the ground with his super speed and splash blood was in the air as Jacob flew about 50meters away from his previous location and Simon ran towards him and doon he was in the air s he was about to land on Jacob with so much power and strength,

Vansase,the hole play was put to pause as his highness made this incantation ,this was an incantation that not every vampires could do but something cut his highnesses eye as Simon kept moving but slowly while others where put to stop and as the time went by second by second Simon moved faster as he was about to hut Jacob who was in total pause on the ground his highness went in front of him with speed letting his self to get hurt,he had a very deep cut of his chest immediately afterwards the entire place was back to its normal motion as everyone noticed his highness on the ground and Simon close to him saying he was sorry that it was intentional that it was a mistake and everyone rushed to the point where his highness was on the ground.

Master master what have you done to him?i i didn do anything I swear.let it be it was intentional just take me to the doctor his highness said.take your hands off him you monster as they took him to the doctor and Simon was left alone in the open flied for about four hours till it was around 6:30pm and maiden came to him it was the same maiden he saw in hi s room early today,what are you doing here?

I mean no harm am just here because I saw everything that happened I know you didn mean to hurt his highness,ooooh at list someone believes me thank you,am Ruth by the way,oo am Si,Simon right every one knows you she said with out letting him complete his sentence nice meeting you,same here,yeah it let I think you should go and dress up that wound,where?over their on your left arm there is a little cut on your shoulder ooo that,yeah or do you need help,I think so because I won be able to do it on my own,ok then let get going it getting late ok as they went towards his apartment.

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