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My Godly system The world in between

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Simon woke up with a very bad headache aaaaaa,as he opened his eyes,where am,what is this the last thing I remembered was me holding the tigers heart in my hands as he sighted the three very huge man and a woman standing over his head,their skin so bright and smooth like that of butter,who are you people and what are you doing here Simon asked in fear as he jumped down the bed.

Claim down don be sacred,i mean no warm we are here to help you;how did you find me,you are the chosen one right so somehow you kind of like used our powers like the speed and much more.who are you I ask again or should I say what are you,we are vampires from the other side and you have the powers of every immortal being and each power you use drew them closer to finding you that how we found you lying in the forest.

They mean no harm they are on your side,you see when Richard betrayed the mighty one many creatures were also divided in two part one was which believed that you were still going to come and those which were inpatient and decided to join the evil king Richard so many will stand by you and many will stand against you and these one are amongst those that will stand by you just do anything they say.

Ok so whats going to happen now Simon asked,well for now you just have to rest regain your strength and go home we are going to get back to you in a few days time,ok,Simon went back to rest and had a good night sleep still the next morning when he woke up there was food all ready for home on the table there was things like noodles and egg,fruit all round the table rice and of course chicken he freshen up and eat his foods and said good bye I will be expecting you guys and he went home.

Present day

Do not tell anyone about what happened in the forest that night as Simon stood up and left jenny alone in the class room say he ran home asking the voice what was that that was a signal the vampires are trying to let you known that they are coming,yes I remembered they said they were going to come visiting soonis it time all ready yes now go home prepare you slef and anything you are going to be needing because you are going to be gone for a very long period of time.

Simon went home and arranged his this just as the clock stroke 8:00 he started hearing noises come so very fast towards his house as the noises stop and he turned around finding the three male he saw the last time.wow you guys are so fast I like that,thank u my lord;now we must leave fast where to to our palace to meet the king,ok let get going they walk a thousand miles into the forest till they got to a weirdly shaped tree and one of the guys who was with the spoke a very strange language and the tree gave part to a new other road which was not the forest as they walked through the tree and appeared at a new place and Simon was so shocked with the world he could see now.

Wow your world looks so beautiful I gonna love this place,just wait and see as one of the men made s sound and a boat like object which fly in the air come to pick them as they fly to the palace Simon saw this whole world from above and he was so mesmerized that he smiled the whole way to the palace.

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