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My Godly system First task

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Just as they were on their way home Simon saw a screen appeared in front of him.

[User:Simon James]



[0/100 exp]





"Whoa"Simon said what is the problem asked jenny can u see this in front of me?no Simon I can jenny replied,yeah just forget about it.As they went on something else appeared in front of him

[first task:sex with the female murdern] add an additional 10 to all your system parts Simon was so shocked at what he was see and decided to ignore it but just then a very loud noise rang in his hear so painful that he screamed for help and Jenny didn know what to do as she asked are u ok,and gave him a hand up and his face mistakenly touched ur body the noise in his head stop.As they got home and Jenny put him down on the bed and went back to short the door Simon head a voice saying:I will be taking control now I see u are no ready to complete ur first task on your own.and then Simon felt a shocking vibration and someone else was no in control of his body jenny coming back to the side of the bed Simon grabbed her waist or should I say the unknown man now in control grabbed her waist and laid her on the bed and started to kiss her so deep and afterwards his hands went down to her dress and unzipping it jenny did no even try to stop him for she like what was happening.as he unzipped her dress and look at her pure nickedness he felt even harder when he unbuttoned her bra and her boobs where all out in the open,he first leaked her neck as his tongue went down towards the boobs jenny felt flet a sensation down her body as his mouth got to the boobs and he sucked it hard and pressing it,this put jenny deep into the mood as she whispered touch me down as Simon lips went down her body in a slow motion getting to the waist he dragged down her paints and she was completely open and looking at that pussy he was so in the mood as he put his tongue down and started to suck it and she pushed his head even deeper between her legs and act went on for about ten minutes and she was so hony and her pussy was so wet at this monument she wanted it so bad as she said to Simon fuke me Simon go in me,then Simon unzipped his jeans and took off his paint a very hug dick appeared,it was so long and hug that jenny was afraid that,that was no going to fit in her as Simon put his dick into her pussy slowly and she was mornuing look at Jennys red and wet pussy Simon got deeper and harder as he rideded her for about 30 minutes and he flet something around his dick as he looked down he so that it was blood so she was a virgin he thought this even made his monster went harder he was in her for about 2hours and she fainted and he didn even noticed this till he had cum 30 minutes later making it a 2hours 30minutes sex this was also the best day of his life for he had never had sex for more than an hour just as he was thinking about this the screen appeared. First task completed and an additional 10 points were added to every thing.

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