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My Godly system Try to control

Author:Simon Category:Unreal Update time:2022-10-29 14:29:58

It was a sunny day outside as lectures went on inside the classes,it was a very interesting class for all the students not until one student by name Simon started to feel pain in his head and his seat mate Jenny noticed this and called out Simon simon ,put it together,control your self, do not let it over power you she said cutting him with a razor. At this moment the hole class was jus so focused at the both of them just then the teacher asked whats going on over there, they was no response just when she was about to repeat her self the school bell went off the students and the teacher left the class leaving just Jenny and Simon who was bleeding from the cut jenny gave him.Are you ok, we have to tell someone about who happened two weeks ago in the forest maybe someone will be able to help Jenny said. No we must not speak to anyone of what happened that day you made a promise to me remember, but this is getting worse I can keep on hurting you this way it killing me to she said

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