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1318 Forbidden

Gu Chaoyan was extremely smart, but she was slow about some things.

For example, when it came to someone else liking her.

She would not understand romance unless Zhou Huaijin told her about it personally.

She was not aware of how differently she was treated by someone who adored her.

However, when it came to the book, everything seemed so clear and straightforward, so even Gu Chaoyan realized that something wasnt right.

If he just forgot to return the book, then it was probably because he did not pay much attention, but Duke North was holding the unimportant book to his chest even when he was deeply injured, it basically meant that the book was of great importance to him.

Gu Chaoyan was engaged, and Duke North was engaged too.

So the whole thing started to become very embarrassing.

Sword One was very surprised and amazed by what happened, so she just said it frankly without realizing what was going on, but when the atmosphere suddenly turned so quiet, she seemed to realize that she must have said something or done something wrong.

She seemed to realize that she should not have just said it like this.

It would be very embarrassing for both Duke North and Elder Miss in the future.

However, she had not thought about that a while ago.


Who would be able to understand what Duke North was thinking

Embarrassed, Sword One had no idea how to change the topic.

The guard in the room finally realized what was going on.

He had been working for Duke North for a long while and knew Duke North well.

Duke North had had the book with him all this time, and he had no idea when Duke North got hold of it.

He did not dwell on that before – he assumed that it was only because he liked reading this book.

It was not until now that he realized that the book belonged to Lady Chaoyan.

Everything seemed to make sense now.

Duke North seemed to behave so unnaturally in front of Lady Chaoyan, that was because… but he was forbidden to like her.

There was no possibility between them.

If they kept the whole thing quiet there would be no trouble later.

The guard said with a smile, “Duke North loves reading this book.

Its probably because he loves it so much that he has it with him all the time.

Duke North has read a lot of things since childhood, but those books are all too traditional for him to like, and this kind of book attracts him more.”


“When Duke North wakes up, we can ask him about this.”


“Also, when he first got injured and had nothing to clench to, he had to grab this book instead.

He was calling his wifes name too.”


“I thought that it was given by his wife, but it turns out to be a borrowed book,” the guard said with a smile.

Gu Chaoyan, who had a cold look on her face, could not help but throw an appreciative look at this guard after hearing what he said.

She nodded.

“Yeah, it is just a book.”

Without showing any expression, she continued to work on the needles.

The poison in Duke North wasnt serious, and the acupuncture went well.

One hour passed, and Gu Chaoyan put away the needles.

“Done, he should wake up tomorrow.”

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