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Lin Suici’s body was stiff, as if the blood all over his body was frozen, and his mind was buzzing.

Jiang Hongyu’s words lingered in his ears, like a icy sword with a cold light, shattering the last hope in his heart.

His lips twitched, and he heard his trembling voice, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about…”

”I, did Jiang Le say something, I didn’t do anything, I, we were really kidnapped, I saved him…”

Lin Sui explained incoherently.

”Lin Suici, you know what you did.” Jiang Hongyu on the phone seemed impatient.

He, who has always been gentle and elegant, interrupted the words of his biological son with a blood relationship in a cold tone at this time: “The Jiang family treats you well, but you repay your kindness with revenge.”

Lin Suici’s head was blank, and the crystal tears were silent.

He was stunned for a moment before he remembered something, and choked to explain: “No… I don’t, Dad, Jiang Le is-” Jiang Hongyu interrupted him again: “You are by yourself in the future.” Lin Suici opened a pair of eyes.

Blindfolded with tears, he stared blankly at the phone that was hung up.

Warm tears flowed down his pale cheeks silently, soaking the fabric of his white T-shirt.

Jiang Le is the illegitimate son, he is not Zhou Wenqian’s son, I am…

He added silently in his heart.

”Brother kidnapper, call my dad again, I have something to tell him, please…”

Lin Suici raised his head and looked pleadingly at Scar’s face with his red, tearful eyes .

He has a good-looking face, with handsome and delicate features, with soft facial lines and no aggressiveness.

When he looked at others with those teary eyes like he was now, pale and fragile, it was easy to soften his heart.

Scarface frowned impatiently, and made another call, but no one answered after a long time.

Followed by the second and third, no one connected, and when the last call was made, the other party had already turned off.

Lin Suici’s heart also cooled down a little with the phone calls that were not made this time.

Scar’s face was ugly and cursed a few swear words.


It seems that this time I made a loss-making business!”

”Are you Jiang Hongyu’s biological son,or not even an illegitimate child” Scarface kicked Lin Suici fiercely, “A small wild species is a small wild species , mother**ers!”

Lin Suici seemed to have lost the pain, and had no reaction at all.

His body began to tremble uncontrollably.

Tears flowed down his cheeks without realizing it.

In those beautiful eyes, something was disappearing little by little.

In the end, there was only emptiness and despair left.

It was as if a pair of big hands had torn a hole in his heart.

It was obviously a hot July, but a cold wind whistled past, freezing him all over.

Scarface was still cursing, and the bald man also came in, kicked Lin Suici twice, and spat fiercely.

”Brother Dao, what should we do with this little wild breed”

”Wait first, I’ll go out and make a phone call…”

There were vague figures walking around in front of him, and vague voices in his ears, and Lin Suici couldn’t hear what they were saying.

Something was buzzing in my head.

He opened his mouth and wanted to speak, but his throat seemed to be blocked by something, and he couldn’t say anything.

It’s not important anymore, nothing is important anymore…

Jiang Family –

Zhou Wenqian hugged her little son with red eyes from crying in her arms, gently wiped the tears from his face, “Okay, Lele good son , it’s alright, mom and dad are here, no one can hurt you again.”

”I just feel very disappointed and sad.” Jiang Le sniffed, choked up and said, “Brother Suici would do that, he deliberately found someone to kidnap me, and even acted to deceive you, he is not that kind of person…”

”Thank god I cut the rope myself and escaped, otherwise, Mom and Dad, you will be deceived by him!”

”I like him so much.

I really treats him as a brother, how could he treat me like this…”

Zhou Wenqian sighed and looked at her husband beside her with some reproach, but in the end she didn’t say anything.

She turned her head to comfort her sad young son, “Lele, you know who you are, but you don’t know your heart.

If you treat him as a brother, he may not really treat you as a younger brother.”

”I’ve made it clear to him that there will be no more Lin Suici in the Jiang family in the future.” Jiang Hongyu said with a somber, upright and elegant face, “He should never have appeared in the Jiang family.”

Zhou Wenqian sighed inaudibly and said nothing.

”Mom and dad, I’ll go to the bathroom to wash my face first.”

Jiang Hongyu patted his younger son on the shoulder soothingly, and said warmly, “Go.”

Jiang Le raised his hand to wipe the tears from his face, got up and walked to the bathroom.

He closed the bathroom door, raised his hand to turn on the faucet, and answered the phone.

”Master Jiang, what are you going to do with that little wild breed”

Jiang Le’s handsome face was reflected in the mirror opposite, and there was no more sadness and grievance at this time.

“Teach him a lesson, be careful, don’t really kill him.”


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