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 “Good.” The Emperor is a bit helpless that people have become like this, and he can not send such a Wei Yun to the front line, then what is the difference between that and sending him to death

    He sighed: “You should go back, if there is a suitable person, immediately tell me.”

    “Thank you, Your Majesty, for your understanding.”

    Wei Yun knelt down and gasped, “As soon as I get better, I will come and ask for orders to kill the enemy and live up to the emperors grace!”

    “Well,” Emperor Chunde nodded absentmindedly, “you should go back first.”

    Then he remembered, “Let the doctor take another look.”

    Wei Yun nodded his head and let Wei Xia and Wei Qiu come over and help him walk out.

After leaving the door, he saw a doctor standing there with fear and trembling.

Wei Yun smiled miserably at the doctor and said to the doctor, “I cant afford to stay in the palace, so I want to rest early, can the doctor accompany me to the Wei mansion for treatment”

    “Only at the Marquis command.”

    After the death of Wei Zhong and Wei Jun, Wei Yun was the most logical successor, and the decree to inherit the title was issued the day Wei Yun returned to the Wei family, many people could not change their minds, but the doctor was an extremely observant person.

    Wei Yun nodded and led the doctor to the carriage.

He reclined on the carriage and let the doctor come forward to check his pulse.

    The eunuch doctor went up for a moment, said a whole lot about old illnesses, and finally frowned and said, “But …… its not so bad.”

    Wei Yun did not speak, he took a sip of tea, and lightly said: “Doctor Tai, you can take another look.”

    He did not cough, and his tone was cold: “Wei is obviously weak and sickly, and he cant stand the wind and cold, how can he not be sick”

    The doctor did not say anything, he looked at Wei Yuns eyes, the other partys eyes were terrifying with blood, but his face seemed to be smiling: “doctor, the disease of physical weakness, the emphasis is on conditioning, but it can be big or small, it is like a landslide when it comes, and if it is properly adjusted, you can see the effect at any time, dont you think so”

    The doctor now understood what Wei Yun meant, he did not dare to speak, and the whole person slightly trembled.

    Wei Yun held his chin and looked at him: “The Doctor also has a misdiagnosis, I think I am physically weak, you think I am physically weak, and another hundred quacks say that I am not physically weak.” I am obviously weak, but the doctor said that I am not weak, that is not right.

    The doctor fell into a cold sweat, and Wei Xia next to him pushed a box over, Wei Yun raised his chin: “Doctor, a small gift.”

    The doctor did not dare to move, Wei Yun reached over and opened the box: “This marquis personally opened it for you.”

    After opening the box, there were two rows of gold yuan treasures placed neatly inside.

    Wei Yun said gently: “Doctor Tai, you still have two sons and two daughters under your knees, right”

    Hearing these words, the doctor took a deep breath and raised his eyes to look at him.

He looked at him and there was disapproval in his eyes, and after a long time the doctor shook his head and said, “Take this gift back, Marquis, you are indeed suffering from physical weakness, I will report it truthfully, please stop the carriage and let the old man down.”

    Wei Yun nodded to the side, the carriage stopped, the Tai Doctor lifted the medicine box, bowed his head and walked down, but halfway down, the doctor suddenly echoed and said, “I never thought that the Wei family would have such a malicious and greedy person like you! The marquis has brought shame to the Wei family!”

    Hearing this, Wei Yuns face changed drastically, and the imperial doctor turned around and was about to leave, when Wei Yun suddenly called him back.

    “Old man,” the doctor stopped in his tracks and froze, hearing the cold voice of Wei Yun, he then felt that he had been too impulsive.

But his backbone kept him from apologizing, unwilling to turn back.

Wei Yun looked at his back, and after a long time, laughed lightly: “Its just that, you go ahead.”

    “Its just that old man, I want you to understand, if I am Wei Xiaoqi, then I should throw my head and blood for the country and the people regardless of the consequences, but I am Wei Yun.”

    Wei Yuns eyes went cold: “I am Zhen Guo Hou, Wei Yun.”

    When he said this, he did not look like a teenager, every word was bitten as clearly as if he was declaring something.

    The doctor didnt say anything, he turned his back on him, and after a moment, said in a stiff voice: “No matter whether the marquis is the seventh son of the Wei family or the Zhen Guo Hou, but I hope the marquis remembers.

You come from under the Wei family,” he twisted his head to look at him and said seriously, “This is the rare hot-blooded bones of Great Chu, and I hope you will not go to the extent of humiliating it.”

    This time Wei Yun did not speak again, he looked at the old mans clear eyes, and for a moment there was nothing to say.

    He felt something coming up from his chest, tumbling, and he squeezed the window sill with a deadly grip, not saying a word.

    When he returned home, as soon as he entered the door, Chu Yu greeted him and said anxiously, “What did His Majesty say”

    Wei Yun briefly described what happened in the palace, Chu Yu put her heart down, then said, “How come you dont want to go to the front”

    As far as she could remember, Wei Yun was carrying a life and death certificate and asked to go to the front line on his own to save the frenzy of the rivers and mountains from tumbling down before he establishes his position.

However, this time Wei Yun pretended to be sick, what did he think

    “The death of my father and brother is closely related to Yao Yong,” Wei Yun did not hide his thoughts, he handed over his fox fur to Wei Qiu, sat aside, poured himself tea, took a sip and slowly said: “Now the front line is under his control, if I go there, Im afraid Ill have to travel a long way to die.

    When Wei Yun said these words, his eyes were as harsh as a knife.

    Chu Yu looked at his eyes, pursed her lips, changed the subject and said: “Then who are you going to choose to go”

    “Im still thinking,” Wei Yun frowned, “I should find the right one.”

    When Chu Yu heard his words, she wanted to say something, but in the end she kept her mouth shut.

    In her previous life, Wei Yun had made a good living, proving that he was an extremely capable person, so if she hadnt known in advance what was to come, Chu Yu wouldnt have interfered with his choice.

    The death of his family made Chu Yu realize that what she thought she “knew” might be wrong, and that knowing the wrong information was worse than not knowing anything at all.

    She thought about it and nodded: “Then take your time to think about it, and call me if anything happens.”

    Wei Yun answered through his nose and sat down, holding his tea, dazed.

    Chu Yu hesitated for a moment, then walked out, and before she left the door, Wei Yun suddenly called out to her.

    “Sister-in-law,” he spoke somewhat blankly, “what if I also become unscrupulous like a politician”

    Chu Yu heard this question and turned her head to look at him, the teenager seemed a little frustrated, she thought for a moment and slowly said, “If the water is clear, there are no fish.”

    Wei Yun raised his head to look at her and was about to say something, but as if Chu yu knew what he was about to say, and hurriedly said, “However,  you also have to make sure that it is water.”

    “Clarity and ambiguity are a relationship of degree, not a relationship of presence and absence.

Xiao Qi, in fact, the reason why your father and brother died is because they were not vigilant and sensitive enough to the imperial court.

If they had half the heart you have today, perhaps nothing would have happened.”

    Hearing these words, Wei Yun pursed his lips into a straight line.

After struggling for a long time, he slowly raised his head: “I dont mind.”

    Chu Yu was somewhat bewildered, endowed with no understanding of what this person in front of her was doing.

    Wei Yun stared at her, his eyes dyed with light and lit with fire.

    “Whether it insults the Wei family lintel or tarnishes the family style, I dont mind.

I just hate that I didnt wake up earlier.

If I had come to my senses earlier, perhaps my father and brother would not have died.

So I dont care what I become, I only care about being able to protect you all and stand tall.”

    “One day sooner or later-“

    Wei Yun squeezed his fist, his eyes brightened up, he sat in his wheelchair, gritting his teeth and trembling slightly, and said in a hoarse voice, “I will make this group of people – pay in blood!”


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