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1562 Collective Apology


President Xue was in complete shock.

Min Yu replied nonchalantly.

“Is it not normal for me to have a girlfriend”

“Maybe for others,” blurted President Xue.

It was clearly abnormal for Min Yu to have a girl!

He used to wonder if Min Yu would ever find himself a girl.

Min Yu felt puzzled.

President Xue cleared his throat and asked.

“Which family is she from Do I know her”

“Shes still in university and I doubt you know her.” Min Yu paused.

“Now that you mention it, she was involved in one of your marine engineering projects.”

President Xue looked at him with intrigue.

“Is she from Tsing University”

The institute was only involved in a handful of marine engineering projects.

Among all the universities, only one was involved.

He naturally knew she was from Tsing University.

“Uh huh.” Min Yu nodded and raised his brow as he said, “Whats wrong”

“Nothing.” President Xue veered his eyes sheepishly.

This was quite the coincidence.

Fortunately, he did not mention Wei Yongs actions earlier.

If Min Yu found out that someone from the institute had tried to steal the project from his girlfriend, President Xue might have trouble asking him for help in the future.


You may leave.

I dont want to hold you up.” President Xue waved his hand and gestured for him to make himself scarce.

Min Yu glanced at him perplexedly.

President Xue pretended not to notice his student looking at him.

Instead, he lowered his head, picked up the plans, and continued staring at them.

He had already made up his mind that he could not let Wei Yong off the hook easily this time.


Meanwhile, at Tsing University.

Liu Qian was stunned to receive a call from Wei Yong to apologize.

In the morning, the representative from DO Corporation came over to apologize.

Now, Wei Yong from the institute had called to do the same.

It was strange for them to collectively apologize on the same day no less.

Wei Yong was different from Qi Hui.

He could argue with Qi Hui, but he certainly did not dare to do the same to Wei Yong.

He simply said tactfully, “Since the problem has been rectified, you dont have to feel bad about it.

Moreover, DO Corporation has already signed the contract with us this morning, so the project can commence as planned.”

It was the first time Wei Yong was hearing this.

The moment he heard about the contract signing, he instantly felt annoyed.

He had tried to call Qi Hui earlier in the afternoon, but Qi Hui did not answer the phone.

No wonder.

Qi Hui was clearly deliberately avoiding the call out of guilt.

Wei Yongs hatred toward Qi Hui went a level higher.

After ending the call with Liu Qian, he paused before calling up Prof Liu.

Liu Qian sent Huo Yao a few text messages telling her about Wei Yongs apology the moment he ended the call with Wei Yong.

Huo Yao had just gotten into the car.

The moment she read Liu Qians text messages, she was caught by surprise.

She certainly did not expect an apology from the National Research Institute of Science and Technology.

She promptly thought about Meng Jue.

They probably had him to thank for the apology.

Her phone happened to ring at the same time.

Her eldest senior brother, Li Chenhui, was calling her.

Huo Yao sat up straight and answered the phone.

“Hi, Senior Brother.”

“Junior Sister, are you still in school I want to buy you dinner and discuss something with you.” Li Chenhui was just done working.

He had left the laboratory and was on his way to the parking lot.

“Huh Ive already left campus,” replied Huo Yao.

“I was busy working, so I forgot about sending you a text message ahead of time to make plans.” Li Chenhui scratched his head annoyingly.

“Its fine.

Im not doing anything tonight anyway.

Let me know where and Ill come over now.” Huo Yao looked up at the man in the drivers seat and added.

“Mind if I bring a friend along”

“Be my guest,” replied Li Chenhui promptly.

Li Chenhui was still single and certainly did not mind the company.

He assumed Huo Yaos friend was probably a woman.

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