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Chapter 27: Pretending to be Mo Yuans disciple and returning home

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When he returned to the Sword Pavilion, Huang Six was packing up the books on the table.

When Han Muye returned, he grinned and put two spiritual rocks on the table.

“Brother, youre opening for business today too” Han Muye smiled and picked up the two spiritual rocks.

He had three high-grade spiritual rocks on him now. He really did not have a single low-grade spiritual rock left.

“Business is not bad today. Two inner sect disciples have come to receive the swords.” Huang Six revealed a smug expression and said happily.

It was an unspoken rule in the Sword Pavilion for the Sword Caretakers to split their earnings after they had passed the swords to the disciples.

However, how much earning one would obtain would depend on his own ability.

Since Huang Six could split two spiritual rocks with Han Muye, he had at least five or six more on hand. Of course, he was happy.

“Brother, I want to go down the mountain for a few days,” Han Muye put away the spiritual rocks and said in a low voice.

Down the mountain

Huang Six looked at Han Muye, then a look of understanding flashed across his face.

This guy was really fast. He was prepared to follow Junior Sister Mu down the mountain and settle their matters

There were many things on the mountain that were not convenient to do.

For example, the matter of dual cultivation.

“Alright, just for a few days. If the patriarch asks, I can still account for it.” Huang Six smiled.

“Five or six days.” Han Muye calculated that it was about right for a round trip.

“You young people are the best.” Huang Six glanced at Han Muyes graying temples, shook his head, and walked back to the quiet room.

Han Muye felt that Huang Six must have misunderstood something, but he didnt explain.

He returned to the quiet room and observed the sword intent in his Sea of Qi. Then, he recalled the body tempering cultivation technique and those sword techniques.

It was very strange. When he held Mo Yuans sword that day, there was resistance from the sword.

He comprehended nothing.

He wondered why that was.

The next morning, Han Muye placed a supreme-grade Cloud Qi Pill and three fine-quality Cloud Qi Pills on the wooden couch in the quiet room before quietly leaving.

If he really reached the end of his lifespan, he would give these Cloud Qi Pills to Huang Six as a token of their meeting.

Walking out of the Sword Pavilion, he looked to the east where the sky was white. He took a deep breath, adjusted the Purple Flame Sword on his back, and strode toward the mountain gate.

Along the way, outer sect disciples in green and gray robes would bow from time to time.

Because he was wearing the white robe of an inner sect disciple.

When he arrived at the mountain gate, Mo Yuan had yet to arrive.

However, many outer sect disciples and servants were walking in and out.

Listening to their discussion, it seemed that there were visitors from other sects that day. They wanted to decorate the square in front of the mountain gate to welcome them.


With a crack, the flowerpot held by a gray-robed handyman shattered.

“Are you blind” With a low shout, the outer sect disciple beside the servant disciple shouted angrily and kicked the servant disciples back.

The servant disciple staggered, rolled, and fell to the ground.

He fell not far from Han Muye.

Han Muye, who was too lazy to care about this, lowered his head. When he saw the servant disciple, a smile flashed across his face. He took two steps forward and extended his hand.

“Brother Lu.”

The one who fell to the ground was the servant disciple who had led Han Muye into the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, Lu Gao.

Lu Gao looked up and was slightly stunned to see Han Muye in his white robe. He subconsciously got up and bowed.

Servant disciples had the lowest status in the sect. Not to mention inner sect disciples in white robes, even outer sect disciples could order them around.

“Lu Gao greets Senior Brother.”

With that, Lu Gao quietly looked up to size up Han Muye.

His gaze landed on Han Muyes face, and he was stunned again. “Brother, Brother Han…”

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As the two of them caught up, the surrounding outer sect and servant disciples also saw them.

Hearing Lu Gao call Han Muye brother, the outer sect disciple who kicked Lu Gao turned pale.

“Oh my, Lu Gao has a brother in the inner sect” A servant in a gray robe whispered, his face filled with envy.

“I havent heard of it. I wonder how their relationship is.” Someone sized up Han Muye and Lu Gao, wanting to guess the closeness of their relationship.

“This servant disciple actually has an inner sect disciple as his backer. Sun Santong has gotten himself in trouble this time.” Not far away, someone among the green-robed outer sect disciples whispered.

“Senior Brother, calm down. I didnt mean to kick Brother Lu Gao. Its because we have an urgent task.” The outer sect disciple named Sun Santong hurriedly stepped forward and bowed to Han Muye, explaining while sweating profusely.

He was not stupid. If Han Muye questioned him, or if Lu Gao complained, Han Muye would punish him for the sake of his face.

Hed might as well admit his mistake first.

Han Muye didnt look at him. He just looked at Lu Gao and said, “Is something wrong with Brother Lus body”

His attitude surprised Lu Gao.

He knew that Han Muye was the Sword Pavilions Sword Caretaker and not a true inner sect disciple with profound cultivation, but outsiders did not know!

In the sect, they only recognized people by robes.

That day, Han Muye, who was wearing an inner sect white robe, was kind to him. In the future, others would think highly of him no matter where he went.

“Im fine, Im fine,” Lu Gao said cheerfully, dusting himself off.

Han Muye nodded and turned to see that a carriage had already arrived at the mountain gate. Two outer sect disciples in green robes followed behind the carriage and strode over.

The cart came to a halt and two tall horses snorted and stamped their hooves on the flagstones.

“Well, you dont have to see me out,” said the old voice from the cart.

It was Mo Yuan.

The two people behind the carriage looked at each other and sighed softly. One of them cupped his hands and said, “Senior Brother, its a long journey. Have a safe trip.”

Another person also said, “Senior Brother, take care.”

In the carriage, Mo Yuan hummed softly.

Han Muye squinted at the cart.

Mo Yuan had been in the outer sect for two hundred years. When he left, only two people had come to send him off.

This scene was really bleak.

He took a few steps forward and leaped into the seat in front of the cart.

“Thanks for sending me out.” Turning, he tossed out two pills.

The two green-robed outer sect disciples were stunned and subconsciously caught it.


“This is… this is a fine-quality Cloud Qi Pill!”

The two of them exclaimed in surprise and bowed to Han Muye. “Thank you for your reward, Senior Brother.”

A single fine-quality Cloud Qi Pill cost 300 spiritual rocks. For outer sect disciples, it was impossible to earn it even if they went without eating or drinking for several years.

Han Muye pulled on the reins, and the carriage eased forward.

When he reached Lu Gaos side, he threw the jade bottle with the last fine-quality Cloud Qi Pill.

“Brother Lu, Ill buy you a drink when I get back.”

Lu Gao reached out and caught the jade bottle, gripping it tightly with both hands.

“Okay, lets drink, drink …”

His mouth trembled, and his shoulders shook without him realizing it.

A fine-quality Cloud Qi Pill was already considered a windfall for him!

The two outer sect disciples who had also been rewarded cupped their hands at Lu Gao. “Im Luo Cheng and Im Qin Yi. May I know your name”

Lu Gao quickly cupped his hands. “Lu Gao greets the two senior brothers.”

They nodded and left, smiling.

This was a form of acquaintance.

With this relationship, they might be able to help him in the future.

All of this from one person.

Everyone looked at the moving cart.

A breeze stirred the curtain on the window, revealing one of the green robes with a white beard.

“Green robe. Its either the outer sect or the elders. Hiss—”

Someone let out a low cry and turned to look at the grinning Lu Gao, even more envious.

An inner sect senior brother driving a carriage meant that it could only be an elder!

This inner sect senior brother was actually so close to an elder and was traveling together!

“Senior Brother Lu, we have to be closer in the future!”

“Senior Brother Lu, Ill move these flowers while you rest.”

“Senior Brother Lu, are you thirsty I have good clear flower dew.”

A group of outer sect disciples and servant disciples in green and gray robes surrounded him.

The most eager one was Sun Santong, who had kicked Lu Gao previously.

Lu Gao cupped his hands in return and looked up at the departing carriage.

“Kid, how about you pretend to be my disciple when we get to my hometown”

In the carriage, Mo Yuan suddenly spoke.

“Dont worry, I wont let you pretend for nothing.”


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