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Chapter 26: Mo Yuans Conditions

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On the mountain path outside the Waterside Residence, Mu Wan lowered her head.

“Senior Brother, I-Ill think of a way to help you find another pill that can increase your lifespan.”

Pills that could increase ones lifespan were extremely difficult to find. They could only be chanced upon by luck.

Mu Wan was not very confident when she said this.

Han Muye chuckled and turned to look at her. “Junior Sister, dont worry. Its just the depletion of my lifespan. Its nothing serious.”

With Mu Wans alchemy cultivation, she naturally could not see how much lifespan he had left.

Nodding, Mu Wan said softly, “Then Senior Brother, please return to the Sword Pavilion. Ill be heading back to the Medical Hall.”

Seeing that it was getting late, Han Muye nodded and said, “Alright, Ill go to the Medical Hall when I have time. If you need my help in comprehending anything, you can come to the Sword Pavilion to find me.”

When this little girl grew up, she would look even better.

Moreover, she was a pure-hearted rich girl.

Huang Sixs plan to matchmake them seemed to make some sense.

The two of them left along the mountain path. After a while, Mu Wan returned to the intersection with a worried expression.

She looked in the direction Han Muye had left, then turned around and walked towards the Waterside Residence.

A moment later, the pale-faced Mu Wan turned around again.

“Senior Brother Han has only six or seven days left to live…”

Murmuring under her breath, her brow furrowed, she clenched her fists and sprinted forward.

Han Muye did not return to the Sword Pavilion.

Circulating his body-tempering power, his figure was like the wind as he crossed dozens of feet in a step. In less than 15 minutes, he had already arrived at the clear stream where the outer sect disciples lived.

Looking at the wooden houses ahead, Han Muye took a deep breath and strode over.

The house owner seemed to sense something and pushed open the door.

Mo Yuan.

He was the first in the outer sect.

“Yesterday they said someone was looking for me. I guessed it was you.”

Mo Yuan chuckled and raised his hand to gesture. Then, he turned around and staggered back to the wooden house.

Han Muye walked into the cabin and saw that it was sparsely furnished and didnt even have any necessities.

Mo Yuan sat at a small wooden table and looked up. “If you had come a day or two later, you probably wouldnt have been able to find me.”

What did that mean

Han Muye sat cross-legged opposite Mo Yuan and said softly, “Why”

Mo Yuan looked lonely, but also relieved. “Hehe, my wish has been fulfilled. Why would I still stay here”

At this, he looked at Han Muye, a glimmer in his muddy eyes.

His wish had been fulfilled. Did that refer to passingAncestral Return of 10,000 Swords on to him

Han Muye had a glimmer of understanding.

Mo Yuan stayed in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect because he wanted to pass down the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords that he had created in his life.

Now that he had learned the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords, his wish had been fulfilled. He was prepared to leave the Nine Mystic Sword Sect. He would either go into seclusion or return to his hometown.

Mo Yuan looked up and smiled. “Do you have any questions about cultivating the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords”

Han Muye pondered for a moment, then said softly, “Senior, how do you solve the problem of the sword Qi entering your body”

Hearing Han Muyes words, Mo Yuan rubbed his hands, his face full of joy. “I knew you were born to practice swordmanship.”

“Its only been a short while, and youve already understood the key to Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords!”

A sigh flashed across his face. Mo Yuan seemed to have fallen into his memories. “Back then, I was determined to create the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords but I didnt make any progress for ten years.”

“Later, when I went to see the Sword Pavilion Elder, whose sword Qi had dissipated because he was using the Nine Mystic Sword, he told me—”

At this point, Mo Yuan raised his hand and took out an ancient sword, placing it on the table in front of him.


The sword came out of its sheath, clear as water.

“Wipe your sword every day and nurture your sword Qi for ten years.”

“When the first wisp of sword energy enters your body…”

Mo Yuan suddenly grinned and leaned forward. He gently placed the sword into the sheath, as if he did not want the sword to hear what he said.

“Have you done any dual cultivation”

The corners of the old mans eyes were full of lust.

Han Muye nodded. He had experienced what Mo Yuan had said.

Seeing him nod, Mo Yuans expression became even more lustful. He waved his hand and said, “Yes, thats the feeling. Since you have experienced it, then…”

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“I know how it feels to have sword Qi enter my body,” Han Muye said softly.

“Haha, thats good. Then—what!” Mo Yuan, who was originally laughing, overturned the wooden table in front of him and did not even care about the sword falling to the ground.

He pounced in front of Han Muye and grabbed his arm.

“Sword Qi entering your body, Sword Qi entering your body…”

His palm moved inch by inch along Han Muyes arm, as he grabbed harder, his face pale.

“Youre too anxious. Three years. It takes three years to condense the first wisp of sword Qi. At that time, your body and bones will have become adapted to the sword Qi. Thats the best time.”

“If you do this, it will damage your vitality. Your lifespan will be drained out by the sword Qi…”

“Sigh, its all my fault. Its all my fault for not telling you about the taboo of cultivation.” Mo Yuans face was filled with self-reproach.

“Im the Sword Pavilions Sword Caretaker. This sword Qi entering my body has nothing to do with cultivating the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords,” Han Muye said softly as he looked at the old mans expression.

“Sword Caretaker” Mo Yuan was stunned.

He slowly sat back in his seat and said softly, “Yes, Sword Caretaker. Its easiest for Sword Caretaker to obtain sword Qi. Why didnt I think of…”

He paused and looked at Han Muye. “How long do you think your vitality can last”

How much longer

Han Muye sighed in his heart. If he could hold on for a long time, he wouldnt have come to ask Mo Yuan, an old man in his twilight years, for help.

Seeing that Han Muye was silent, Mo Yuan nodded and said, “I understand now.”

He fumbled around and pulled out a small wooden box. Then he uncovered it. There was a small jade bottle inside.

“Kid, I have a pill here that can help you increase your lifespan slightly.”

He casually handed the pill to Han Muye.

Looking at the pill in front of him, Han Muye fell silent again.

This pill was worth 30,000 spiritual rocks.

With 30,000 spiritual rocks, he could do many things.

To an outer sect disciple like Mo Yuan, 30,000 spiritual rocks should be his lifetime savings.

Moreover, this pill was meant for Mo Yuan to extend his own lifespan.

His own lifespan should be coming to an end too.

“Senior, this pill is precious and useful to you,” Han Muye said in a low voice.

Originally, he had planned to buy this pill from Mo Yuan.

However, when he saw Mo Yuan packing up everything, Han Muye already understood.

Mo Yuans lifespan was almost up. He wanted to take advantage of the last moment to leave the sect.

Now that Mo Yuan had handed the pill to Han Muye, he couldnt bear to take it anymore.

He wanted pills to extend his life, but so did Mo Yuan.

“Hehe, what difference does it make whether I, an old man, take this pill or not” Mo Yuan shook his head and looked at Han Muye.

“This pill isnt for nothing.”

“Promise me two things.”

Then he raised his hand. “First, accompany me down the mountain tomorrow to my hometown.”

“Secondly, if theres a day in the future, dont let the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords lose its inheritance.”

What Mo Yuan meant was that if Han Muyes lifespan came to an end one day, he must pass down the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords and not cut off the inheritance.

Only he hadnt made that clear.

“If I didnt come, would Senior be preparing to return to your hometown alone” Han Muye looked at Mo Yuan.

“I came with seven or eight good friends. After the past 300 years, Im the only one left…” Mo Yuan nodded and said.

Cultivation was like that. After 100 years, old friends would all have passed.

“Then, is Seniors hometown far away” Han Muye asked in a low voice.

He wanted to send Mo Yuan off, but he did not want to leave the Sword Pavilion for too long.

“Hehe, its not far. Its a thousand miles down the mountain. It wont take more than four to five days by the sect carriage.” Mo Yuan looked at Han Muye with a hint of anticipation in his eyes.

“Alright, Ill wait for you at the mountain gate tomorrow.” Han Muye bowed, then bent down and picked up Mo Yuans sword. He placed it on the wooden table, then turned around and left.

Looking at his back view and then at the pills still on the table, Mo Yuan revealed a gratified expression.


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