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Chapter 22: The price of a supreme-quality Cloud Qi Pill

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If the medicinal effect of the Cloud Qi Pill from before was a trickle, then this bright pill had effects like a vast river!

A rich medicinal power directly penetrated all of Han Muyes meridians, and then fell straight into his stomach like a waterfall.

His dantian!


The originally silent and blocked dantian was knocked open by that force, as if clouds had rolled and surged into it.

Within a hundred breaths, clouds accumulated in his dantian.

“It really is useless…”

Seeing the other clouds surging in his meridians but not getting anywhere, Han Muye could only sigh softly.

According to the information obtained from the sword on the second floor of the Sword Pavilion, the dantian was only activated after the third level of the Essence Energy Cultivation realm.

The size of the dantian activation was related to the foundation of his future cultivation.

Han Muye didnt know how big the Dantian of a third-stage Essence Energy Cultivation Realm was.

However, if it could not even contain the medicinal power of a single pill, it was obvious that his dantian was not good enough.

Although the activated dantian was unbearable and made Han Muye a little depressed, he was still happy that he had refined a supreme-grade Cloud Qi Pill in the first batch of pills he refined.

“Its at least a hundred times the medicinal power of an ordinary Cloud Qi Pill. This must be a supreme-grade pill.”

An ordinary Cloud Qi Pill was worth 30 spiritual rocks. Based on the price of a fine-quality Body Strengthening Pill, which was five times the price of an ordinary pill, a fine-quality Cloud Qi Pill should cost 150 spiritual rocks each.

A supreme-grade pill had be at least five times higher in price, right

That meant that a this pill was worth 750 spiritual rocks

Just this pill was comparable to teaching a set of Two Mystic sword techniques in the Demonstration Building

No wonder alchemy was classified as one of the most profitable professions in the cultivation world, and sword cultivators were known as the poorest group of people in the cultivation world. It really made some sense.

Because his dantian was expanding, Han Muye didnt take any more Cloud Qi Pills.

At present, he had yet to cultivate to the ninth level of the Essence Energy Cultivation Realm. Even if his dantian was activated, it was useless.

The spiritual energy stored inside would eventually dissipate.

Turning to look at the spiritual herb in front of him, Han Muyes eyes lit up.

Pills that increased lifespan were expensive, right

How expensive can it be

10,000 spiritual rocks

Over the next few days, he would try his best to refine supreme-grade Cloud Qi Pills. He did not believe that he could not buy a pill that could increase his lifespan!

His desire for longer lifespan made Han Muye full of motivation. He cleaned up the furnace and began refining the second batch of pills.

That night, the flames in Han Muyes quiet room did not stop. When he woke up in the morning, it was already late in the morning.

When he walked out of the room, Han Muye was slightly stunned.

Other than Huang, Six there was someone else in the Sword Pavilion.

“Junior Sister Mu Wan”

Who else could it be but Mu Wan

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“Senior Brother Han.”

Seeing Han Muye come out, Mu Wans expression was a little strange. She called out softly, then lowered her head.

What was wrong

Han Muye turned to Huang Six and saw him grinning.

“Im going to wash up first.”

Han Muye went to the small courtyard to wash up. When he walked out, Huang Six was already gone, leaving Mu Wan alone.

“Wheres Brother”

Han Muye asked doubtfully.

“He, he said that he was going to take a walk.” Mu Wan replied in a low voice.

What was wrong

Han Muye frowned and said, “Junior Sister Mu, what problem have you encountered this time”

“Ah, no, no.” Mu Wan hurriedly waved her hand. Then, she thought of something and took out two jade bottles from her bosom.

“Senior Brother Han, these are two bottles of Body Strengthening Pills. Theyre both fine-quality pills.”

Looking at Han Muyes pale face, Mu Wan said softly, “Yesterday, Senior Brother guided me to refine the Cloud Qi Pill. This is a small reward.”

Han Muye took the warm jade bottle and felt that there were a lot of pills in it.

“This isnt a small reward…”

Han Muye laughed, took the jade bottle, and looked at Mu Wan. “Junior Sister Mu, is there anything else I can help you with”

This was a business he could continue.

Mu Wan pondered for a moment and shook her head.

No more business

Thats a shame.

Putting away the jade bottle, Han Muye said, “Junior Sister, do you know anyone in the Medical Hall who sells pills that can increase lifespan”

Hearing that it was a pill that could increase ones lifespan, Mu Wans shoulders trembled as if she had thought of something.

However, she suppressed the thought in her heart and recalled. “No one in the Medical Hall can refine pills that increase lifespan.”

“Even a pill that can only increase one year of life span is a seventh-grade pill.”

No one can refine it

Disappointment flashed across Han Muyes face.

“Senior Brother, dont worry. Ill help you find out when I get back,” Mu Wan said as she turned to leave.

“Junior Sister, I still want to ask, where does the sect sell supreme-grade Cloud Qi Pills” Han Muyes voice came from behind.

Mu Wan turned around in surprise. “Senior Brother wants a supreme-grade pill”

“Thats hard to come by.”

“Senior Brother, if you want to find supreme-grade pills, Im afraid youll have to find those shops that specialize in selling pills.”

At this point, she said softly, “Supreme-grade Cloud Qi Pills are not cheap.”

“Each, Im afraid, would cost 3,000 spiritual rocks.”

Even after Mu Wan left, Han Muye was still in a daze.

“A supreme-grade Cloud Qi Pill costs 3,000 spiritual rocks”

Unlike what he expected, it was not five times the price of ordinary pills, but 100 times

Holding the jade bottle given by Mu Wan, Han Muye couldnt help but feel excited.

Out of the ten batches of pills last night, a total of 35 supreme-grade pills had been produced. There were also seven fine-quality pills.

He was really a little tired and exhausted in the middle of the process.

But that was enough!

One supreme-grade Cloud Qi Pill was worth 3,000 spiritual rocks, so 35 of them would be around 100,000 spiritual rocks.

It was definitely enough to buy a pill that could increase ones lifespan!

“Senior Brother, youre indeed in the Sword Pavilion.”

At this moment, a crisp sound suddenly came from the entrance of the Sword Pavilion.

Han Muye looked up and frowned.

At the entrance of the Sword Pavilion stood a female cultivator in a pink dress with a moon-like face.

It was Bai Suzhen.

The owner of the shop who sold pills.

How did she find this place

“Youre here to receive a sword” Han Muye frowned and said lightly.

Bai Suzhen chuckled and walked into the Sword Pavilion. Her gaze landed on the wooden shelves in the distance and her body trembled.

“This is the Sword Pavilion How chilling.”

Shaking her head, she walked up to Han Muye. “Senior Brother, Im not here to receive a sword. Im here to do business with you.”

As she spoke, she looked at the jade bottle in Han Muyes hand. “Senior Brother, have you refined the pill”

Han Muye shook his head and put the jade bottle away.

All he wanted to do now was to survive and continue condensing his sword intent in the Sword Pavilion until his sword momentum reached perfection.

This Bai Suzhen must be plotting something. It seemed like it was better not to interact with her.

Han Muye put away the jade bottle, but Bai Suzhen smiled, leaned forward, and whispered, “Senior Brother, dont you want to find a pill that can increase your lifespan”

A pill that could increase ones lifespan!

Han Muyes eyes flashed. The sword intent in his Sea of Qi moved, and all the swords on the first floor of the Sword Pavilion seemed to vibrate.

A chill enveloped her heart, making Bai Suzhen tremble.

“You have one” Han Muye looked at Bai Suzhen.

Bai Suzhen shook her head.

Before Han Muye could speak, she said, “But I know where to find one.”

At this point, she chuckled and looked at Han Muye. “Senior Brother, what price are you prepared to pay for this news”

“What do you want” Han Muye said expressionlessly, glancing at her.

Bai Suzhen glanced at the wooden shelf where countless swords were placed.

“If you have designs on the sword stored in the Sword Pavilion, then dont say anything.” Han Muyes voice sounded coldly.

Bai Suzhens expression changed and she said in a low voice, “Since Senior Brother is so determined, I wont say anything else.”

“If youve thought it through, Ill meet you at the Suzhen Store.”

“You dont have much time left.”

Then she chuckled and left the Sword Pavilion.

Han Muye narrowed his eyes.

Was she here for the swords in the Sword Pavilion

How should he choose between a pill that could increase his lifespan and the swords stored in the Sword Pavilion

“Ahem, little Han, I really didnt expect you to be such a person!”

At that moment, Huang Sixs angry voice rang out, causing Han Muyes expression to change.


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