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Chapter 15 The first person in the outer door, Mo Y

For sword cultivators, carrying a sword is a treasure, which is comparable to the existence of a Taoist companion.

Ordinary people don’t even want to touch it.

Hearing that Han Muye wanted the long sword around his waist, the young man’s expression changed.

After hesitating for a moment, he raised his hand and drew out the long sword, then reversed the blade and handed the hilt to Han Muye.

Han Muye stretched out his hand to take the long sword, and there was a twinkle in his eyes.

“The sword is named Yuliu, it is three feet three inches long and weighs eight catties and two taels.”

“The three-foot sword can handle this weight, the forging technique, and the spiritual materials used are all good.”

Han Muye’s words made the young man’s eyes light up.

It is not bad to be able to distinguish the light, heavy, and long with the sword, which is a bit of a trick.

“I used one or two light irons in this sword.” The young man said in a low voice.

Lightweight iron

One or two pieces of light iron can turn a long sword into a semi-spiritual weapon. It seems that this thing is a treasure.

Han Muye narrowed his eyes, and a picture of this sword forging appeared in his mind.

The forging method is the method of pleating forging. The black iron is mixed with a piece of blue-gray spiritual material, and it is made by thousands of tempers.

This forging method is called the first forging of spiritual tools.

This is a common method for refining long swords suitable for condensing qi to the stage of foundation building. On the first floor of the sword pavilion, many swordsmen use this method.

In fact, such swords are semi-finished products, called semi-spiritual tools, and belong to the category of ordinary products.

In the future, if you want to use it for a long time, you can use your own aura to refine it and improve its spirituality after the sword cultivator has improved to the realm, and finally it can be turned into a spiritual tool.

Spirit tool, the sword tool hidden on the second floor of the Jiange Pavilion is the envoy of the strong in the realm, the sword flies into the sky, and the light of the sword is divided.

The picture changed again, Han Muye saw the young man in front of him holding a long sword standing in front of a big river and dancing the sword constantly.

The light of the sword is clear, it is Bibo, the second profound swordsmanship.

The stream of light in the picture is shining, in Han Mu’s opinion, this young Xiu’s swordsmanship is not bad.

Just looking at it, something is missing.

Han Muye held the long sword in his hand, his palm turned upside down, and the blade of the sword gently probed forward.

This style is countless times slower than the youth dancing sword in the picture.

The young man across from him was about to make a sound when his expression suddenly changed, his eyes fixed on the sword in Han Mu’s hand.

The sword light flickered lightly, neither hurried nor slow, and kept suppressing.

From the young man’s point of view, this repression is the essence of this style of Bibo.

When his master was performing for him, he once said that the blue waves in the cold pool should be like clouds and fog.

“This blue wave swordsmanship is about keeping the waves calm and the waters calm.”

Han Muye whispered softly, then the long sword moved gently, the sword light swaying like water waves, the front was light and the back was heavy.

I see!

When I was practicing swordsmanship on the big river, the water was rippling, and all the energy was drained.

Surprise flashed on the young man’s face, he raised his hand and clasped his fist. Just as he was about to speak, Han Muye put away his long sword and said calmly, “This is just the first artistic conception of Bibo swordsmanship.”

The first weight

What’s the meaning

The young man had a look of doubt on his face.

When Master taught swordsmanship, did he not say that Bibo swordsmanship has a second artistic conception

Han Muye lightly pointed the long sword in his hand, and then gave a low voice: “Look at it—”

The fragrant youth of that sword light is like a wandering dragon, swaying thousands of clear waves!

The young man only felt that the endless waves were rushing towards him, and he exclaimed in surprise. He took a few steps back, bumped his back against the wall of the quiet room, and stopped just now.

When he fixed his eyes on it again, there was only a long sword in front of him.

Han Muye lightly clasped the sword’s eaves with his fingers and handed the hilt to him.

Silently took the long sword, the young man returned the sword to its sheath, and then bowed to Han Muye: “Yang Shao, thank you brother for your guidance.”

With that said, he held the five pale golden finger-length jade tablets and sent them to Han Muye.

This is the certificate of merit for the Nine Profound Sword Sect. One piece can be exchanged for one hundred spirit stones.

Han Muye stretched out his hand to take over the meritorious deeds, turned around and walked away. When he reached the door, he paused and said softly, “Actually, this blue wave swordsmanship has a third level.”

After speaking, Yang Shao, who had widened his eyes, had already walked out of the quiet room before he could make a sound.

“And the third level”

“Second Profound Swordsmanship, how can there be a third level…”

Yang Shao looked at the door of the quiet room, which was gently closed, with a dazed look on his face.

“By the way, who is this senior brother His swordsmanship has reached the point of being light and light, and he can show his artistic conception without instilling spiritual energy.”

“Could it be, which new heir is”


A smile appeared on Han Muye’s face as he walked out of the quiet room.

The business needs to be done for a long time. With this type of blue wave, maybe you can make a profit.

Bibo swordsmanship is originally the second profound swordsmanship, and it is rare to have a double artistic conception in it, and the third level should not exist.

The reason why Han Muye said that there is a third level is that when he was wiping the sword pavilion and wiping the long sword, he realized this sword technique three times.

After three confirmations, he actually had another insight, and deduced the third level of Bibo swordsmanship.

The first stage is turbulent, the second stage is turbulent, and the third stage is returning to the essence, standing still.

Han Muye walked to the front desk and handed back the door number of Quiet Room No. 73 and two blank books.

The middle-aged Qingpao who received the reception stood up, put away the house number and “Tie Niu Jin”, and then said with a smile: “This senior brother, “Wan Jian Gui Zong” does not belong to my Yanfalou exercise.”

Does it not belong to the Yanfa Building

Also, this “Return of All Laws” is so powerful that it should not be practiced by ordinary inner disciples.

“Then I don’t know where that elder Mo Yuan lives in the door. I forgot to ask just now.” Han Muye asked.

Hearing his words, the middle-aged Qingpao grinned and said, “What kind of elder is that”

“Mo Yuan, the number one person in the outer sect, has been with me in the Nine Profound Sword Sect for almost two hundred years.”

Speaking of this, he chuckled and shook his head: “I said that the first person in the outer sect is not the first in the outer sect, but he is the oldest in the outer sect.”

Exterior doors

Not an elder, just an old man who has been around for two hundred years

That bearing, that finger sticking out, as if the sky is tilted and his face does not change his aura, he is just an outer sect disciple

“It is said that when he first practiced, his aptitude was very good, but he didn’t know what was wrong, so he had to learn some kind of swordsmanship that embraces all things. UU reading www.uukanshu.com”

“Look, it’s been two hundred years, and it hasn’t condensed yet.”

“Come to think of it, he also has little life expectancy.”

The middle-aged Qingpao shook his head, looked at the book “Wan Jian Gui Zong” in Han Muye’s hand, and said, “This practice is deceptive, what kind of good practice can a disciple who can’t enter the inner door in his entire life create ”

It took two hundred years of time and no condensed energy in his life to create this book “The Return of Ten Thousand Swords”.

Han Muye looked at the book in his hand and felt that it was extremely important.

He gently put away the book, then turned around and left.

“That, Senior Brother, would you like to take up the mission in the Yanfa Building”

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The middle-aged Qingpao said behind him.

Han Muye turned his head and said lightly, “What mission”

“Answering the practice questions of the disciples in the Yanfa Building will not only get you a reward, but every time you answer ten times, the Yanfa Building will also reward you with five meritorious deeds.”

The middle-aged Qingpao smiled and said, “Senior Brother Yang Shao was very satisfied with your answer just now, and is willing to add three more meritorious deeds.”

With that said, he handed out the three merit certificates.

Can you still do this

Han Muye stretched out his hand to take over the meritorious service.

Three hundred spirit stones, it would be a fool not to take them.

“It’s okay to answer questions about the performance, but I don’t want to be known by outsiders.” Putting away the merit certificate, Han Muye said aloud.

“It’s easy,” the middle-aged Qingpao said with a smile: “There are many senior brothers and even elders who don’t want to reveal their identities to take the task. They all reported a pseudonym and covered their faces with masks.”

Saying that, he stretched out his finger and pointed forward: “Look, that one is not.”

Han Muye turned his head to look and saw a man in a long robe and a bronze mask pushing the door into a quiet room.

“Okay, I’ve accepted this task.” Han Muye nodded and left.


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