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The glass bottle smashed into the ground and shattered into pieces, causing the two female students beside him to involuntarily cry out in surprise.

However, Elvy, who was holding the glass bottle in her hand just now, still acted as if she did not know anything.

She still raised her right hand and handed it to the experiment table.

Seeing that her hand was about to collide with the ultra-high-temperature Bright Flame on the experiment table, the female classmate closest to her hurriedly reached out and pulled her arm.

Elvy only turned to look at the female classmate with a puzzled expression.

“Why are you holding me back”

The female classmate rolled her eyes helplessly and pointed at Elvys hand before pointing at the ground.

Elvy looked at her empty palm and then at the glass fragments on the ground.

Only then did she react to what had happened.

She nodded and still calmly reached out to take another glass bottle.

However, the glass bottle she wanted to take was empty…

The female classmate beside her could not stand it anymore.

She grabbed Elvys arm and pulled her to the other side.

“Elvy, whats wrong with you I discovered that you seem to have lost your soul these few days and are always distracted.

Did something happen” the female classmate asked curiously.

Another female classmate walked over and asked with similar concern, “If youre not feeling well, you might as well take leave and rest well.

The teachers will definitely agree.”

Elvy blinked and her large eyes finally returned to focus.

Looking at the concerned two people in front of her, she forced a smile and shook her head.

“Im fine.

Im just… a little tired.”

Among the new students of the Life Science Academy, the two of them were considered the two female classmates who had the best private relationship with Elvy.

However, they did not know much about her private situation.

Now that Elvy clearly did not want to say it, there was nothing they could do.

Elvy paused again and took a deep breath.

She stood up and said to the two of them, “Youre right.

Ill take leave to rest.

This will only delay the experiment and make it difficult for you to complete your homework.

Im sorry.”

The two female classmates hurriedly shook their heads to indicate that they were fine.

Then, Elvy rejected their suggestion to accompany her on leave and left.

Seeing Elvy disappear out the door, a female classmates expression changed and she whispered to her companion, “Did you discover Ever since that huge incident, Elvy has become like this.

Do you think its related to that guy”

His companion asked in confusion, “What big matter Which guy”

“Are you stupid Of course, its…”

Elvy did not hear the whispers and gossip of the two female classmates behind her.

Even if she did, she was not in the mood to pay attention.

She only felt that her entire head and body seemed to be completely empty.

It was as if her body no longer belonged to her.

She had been living like a walking corpse these few days and did not know what she was doing.

If she had to say it, a thought would only appear in her mind.

He was dead…

Chu Nan was dead…

He was actually dead…

However, every time this thought appeared, she always felt as if her head was pierced by millions of needles.

At the same time, her heart felt as if it was being cut by countless knives.

The bone-chilling pain almost involuntarily suffocated her for a long time before she slowly recovered.

Therefore, in the end, she did not even have this thought and even took the initiative to avoid thinking about it.

However, she knew very well that the truth had already happened.

Regardless of whether she wanted to, the truth was the truth and could not be changed.

“But… hes dead.

What should I do”

Before knowing this news, Elvy had never expected Chu Nan to be so important to her.

Previously, although she knew that she liked Chu Nan a little, this liking was only because he was an interesting person, a person worth studying, and a person who had once helped her escape danger.

He was… a person she was willing to be close to.

She did not think it had anything to do with the liking between a man and a woman.

However, after knowing the news of Chu Nans death three days ago, Elvy felt a mental impact that she had never felt since she was young.

It was as if the entire world had become extremely dark at that moment.

This impact had not even subsided until today.

Therefore, she knew that Chu Nans status in her heart was much more important than she had imagined.

As an expert in human genetic science who had been determined by many teachers in the Life Science Academy to definitely shine in the future, Elvy had a certain amount of research on human behavior.

She knew very well that her performance was clearly the most unreasonable behavior in human behavior.

It was called love.

This should be her first love.

As a girl who was about to turn 15 years old, it was not strange for her to have her first love.

But now, her first love was dead…

In fact, he died before he could clearly know her intentions…

What should he do

Elvy did not know.

Therefore, she could only continue walking in confusion.

Just as he was about to pass through the building where the laboratory was, a figure suddenly darted out from the side and grabbed Elvy.

Elvy reflexively struggled for a moment, but she did not break free.

Just as she was about to call out, she saw the face of the person in front of her and instantly calmed down.

She asked in surprise, “Brother, why are you here”

Dunleavy looked at Elvy worriedly and discovered that she had clearly lost weight compared to the last time he saw her through a long-range communication.

The proud and arrogant smile that should have always hung on her face had disappeared, and her bright eyes no longer existed, leaving only a pool of stagnant water.

“I… Mom and Dad miss you and asked me to see you.”

Dunleavy sighed in his mind, knowing that the situation he was most worried about had indeed happened.

Moreover, from Elvys current situation, she was probably much worse than he had feared.

“Mom and Dad miss me” Elvy barely smiled, but she shook her head, “Theres no need to lie to me.

Youre here because of Chu Nan, right”

Dunleavy smiled bitterly.

As expected, he could not hide it from his extremely smart sister since she was young.

“Alright, Im indeed here because of him.

How… no, how do you… feel now” Dunleavy asked with concern.

“My feeling I dont feel anything.” Elvy shook her head.

“To be precise, I dont know what to feel…”

Dunleavys heart ached even more.

This answer was far more serious than saying she was very sad.

It was enough to prove how serious Chu Nans death was to her, and she did not even know how to express her feelings.

“Why dont… you go home and stay for a few days Or take a few days off from the academy and Ill bring you to relax” Dunleavy suggested.

Chu Nan was a student of Star Cloud Academy.

He was very worried that Elvy would continue to stay in Star Cloud Academy and would always think of him and be sad.

If he took her out for a walk, he might be able to ease her mood.

Hearing this suggestion, Elvys expression suddenly changed.

For the first time, she looked focused and thoughtful.

Dunleavy was overjoyed.

It seemed that this suggestion was effective.

“Youve decided.

Where do you want to go I propose to go to Galle Beach on Planet Romel.

It happens to be…”

“Take me to the Leppler Star System,” Elvy interrupted Dunleavy.

“Take me to see that stargate.”

Dunleavy looked at Elvy in a daze and was speechless for a long time.

He knew that he definitely could not persuade Elvy, but he did not know what would happen after she went to the place where Chu Nan died…

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