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Marriage Deal 23

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I woke up the next morning with a headache. I went into the bathroom showered and got dressed. I went downstairs and met Marcel in the kitchen with Lucy.

Calvina: Good morning guys.

Marcel: Oh hi Cal.

Lucy: Good morning Cal.

Calvina: Whats happening here?

Marcel: We were talking Cal.

Calvina: Yeah whatever. Lucy tell Andrew to meet me in my office for the deal we need to sign.

Lucy: Cal?....Andys not coming to work today.

Calvina: Whys that? He has to be there so we can finalize everything.

Marcel: Andy called thus morning that he left his resignation letter on your desk. Hes leaving the company.

Calvina: Wheres he going? I didn do anything.

Lucy: Cal you punched him in his face last night. You said you don want to see his face. Ever again.

Calvina: He took everything I said?

Marcel: Hes leaving the country Cal. He wished you could forgive him for everything.

Calvina: Im not mad at him. I know what happened. I overheard you guys. Where is he?

Lucy: Hes at home.

I took my keys and headed for my bike. I started the engine and zoomed out the compound to Andrews house. I was not ready to loose him. Not now not ever. I knew what they planned all along I just didn know want it to backfire. I wanted to protect him not loose him. I got to his house and parked on the lawn. I knocked on his door and Brad answered it.

Calvina: Brad?

Brad: Cal? What are you....?

Calvina: No time to explain. Wheres Andrew?

Andrew: Whos at the door Brad?

I run and hugged the life out of him when he came out of his kitchen.

Andrew: Cal?! What are you doing here?

Calvina: Im sorry Andy. I didn mean to overreact. Please don leave me.

Andrew: Cal? What are you...?

Calvina: I knew. I knew all along. I just played along. I didn know youll take it to heart. I won accept your resignation and you aren leaving the country.

Andrew: Cal. Slow down. I can understand you. What do you mean you knew?

Calvina: I knew everything. I knew that they know about Caroline. I just played along. Im sorry I overreacted it just felt so real.

Andrew: Cal. Im not mad at you. Im just surprised that you knew and didn tell me.

Calvina: Before Caroline came I installed cameras around the house.

Andrew: You did what?!

Calvina: I know I shouldve told you but I didn want you to be worried.

Andrew: Does Marcel know about this?

Calvina: Erm....yes.

Andrew: Lucy knows? What of Rose?

Calvina: Lucy does but not Rose.

Andrew: Why did you do that Cal? Im I not important to you? You can treat me like Im some kid. You made me make a fool of myself in front of everyone. I would never try to sleep with anyone you like and you know it.

Calvina: I know. You

e not a kid. You

e like my big brother and I feel the need to protect you from anything at all. I didn want to see you hurt at all. Caroline planned to poison you last night with your creams so I had to make you leave.

Brad: Thats not fair Cal. You made me say horrible things to him. I thought you were actually serious. Xavier is actually going crazy right now. Hes looking for a way to send Caroline to prison.

Calvina: I know that Brad but why are you here? You went to the office didn you?

Brad: Erm...about that. Andys not actually going anywhere. We just wanted to make you believe that hes gone to spare some time away from the drama.

Calvina: You weren going anywhere?

Andrew: Yes. I just told Lucy to tell you that so Caroline thinks Im gone.

Calvina: So you weren going?

Brad: Cal the last person who would leave you on this earth is Andy and hes not even going to do that.

I smiled and hugged Andrew and he hugged me back. I went to Brad and thanked him and ask him to take care of Andrew till Im back. I said my goodbyes and left their house. I got back to our place and met Xavier sitting in front of the door drinking wine. I was about to walk past him when he held my hand.

Xavier: Where are you coming from?

Calvina: None of your business Xavier. Let go of my hand.

Xavier: You went to look for Andrew didn you?

Calvina: I said its none of your business Xavier.

Xavier: Couldn stand it that your best friend was **ing your fiancée huh?

Calvina: Shut up Xavier. I don want to talk about it.

I released my self from his grip and he just smiled and sat down to continue drinking his wine. I was breaking inside but he has to wait till I find a way to get rid of Caroline. After that, only after that would we be together. I went into the house and met Marcel being all sweet to Lucy in the living room.

Calvina: Hey guys.

Marcel: Cal you

e back. How did it go? Did he leave?

Calvina: He left before I got there.

Caroline: Finally some good news. I told you he was bad news Calvina. Im glad you listened to me.

Calvina: You

e right I shouldn have trusted him so much.

Caroline: Im here for you when you need me okay.

She smiled at me and left through the door walking past Xavier. Not long after Xavier came walking back into the room completely ignoring me. I felt my heart break but I had to muster up the courage for him.

Marcel: Are you sure you can do this Cal? Im asking as a friend.

Calvina: I can . Im afraid that Ill break loose one day and tell Xavier I can live without him.

Marcel: Cal. I told you. But I can blame you okay. Hes going to be fine trust me okay. Ill help you.

I nodded and went to my room and laid on my bed. I wanted this nightmare to be over.

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