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MY NAME IS ROYAL. Chapter five

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The sixth day of the week found Eddy seated beside her mother at the train station. The weather was bitingly cold to freeze the teats of a frog, afew passengers grabbed this and that while others exchanged hugs and goodbye kisses. A young man had come to meet her wife only to lose breath after finding out she was heavily pregnant. A group of school kids assembled at a corner listening carefully to who could be said to be a teacher, their school uniform neatly pressed. No doubt out for an academic venture. Eddy watched all this with anticipation, two years at the approved school had changed everything and now she was a young responsible lady. Brilliant and beautiful than ever. She pictured her grandmother from whatever her mother had painted in her young mind, she pictured a village she had never set foot at and its children who she imagined had never seen pen and paper...

Hannah remembered her mother, was she still alive? Was Fache, her elder brother still tending the old lady? Had the king...

"Hey mom, better grab your luggage!"

"Someday youll kill your old lady with that trumpet voice of yours", Hannah protested.

"Do I have to show you the way home?" Eddy teased.

"Pass my greetings, tell them their Hannah is as fine as the word", she feigned seriousness.

The long train was already making a stop, the two ladies grabbed their few belongings and made their way in. Each with different stacks of expectations.

The village was almost the same as she had left it more than fifteen years ago, everything was running smoothly, the sun was already up and boys could be seen up the hill commanding herds of cattle. Little girls were helping at the garden while afew old men staggered out of Hamisis brothel, it was planting season and the land was all covered with rich green vegetation. Eddy had never seen anything before.

"Why did you leave this beautiful vacation destination to the slum, mom?" Eddy asked as they crossed the last stream to Hannahs matrimonial home.

"Because it was necessary", she was tired.

"How necessary, did they force you out of your very own home", Eddy always had more questions than answers.

"None of that, youll understand with time".

"Will you take me to the evil forest..."

"Enough, we

e home".

At the papyrus gate, they were met by two almost identical girls of about five who ran into the house immediately after seeing them. Hannah searched her mothers hut and could only see the remains of the place she had grown all her life. One thing seemed almost clear, Paula was gone. A tall man came out of the hut the two girls had entered holding two kola nuts in one hand. He looked very strong with dark hair and a weathered mustache, Fache, her brother.

"Oh sweet sister, I heard of the earthquake and though it had gone with you, but still I hoped, I heard of the Polar massacre and thought theyd taken you captive, but still I prayed, oh dear, tell me its well with you". Fache was ever cheerful, the same Fache Hannah had seen ages ago.

"Its all super with me, your prayers have been feeding me daily loves", she said wrapping her arms tightly across his athletic figure.

"Tell me shes gone, tell me she cursed me on her last breath, tell me..." Hannah was now shaking uncontrollably.

"She lay to rest five seasons after you left, she said she saw you seated at the high table at her last breath, she called you, ingwa - the heroine, nobody understood anything ". Fache said emphatically rubbing her back softly.

"We have alot to say, I see you just brought us a princess", he said hugging Eddy tightly.

"Eddy, pleasure to meet you uncle".

"Welcome home".

With time she came to learn that king Xavier had a son who was about ten, the pride of the whole community. Part of her heart was already burning with eager about the unthinkable while another part warned her. The voices she was hearing years on the go started threatening again. The very gods which had sent her to the evil forest were passing another message.

She would confront the King, she would place the cards right in front of his paws, she would declare Eddy fathers mission over and watch all the kingdom burn into ashes, she would avenge all the pain, affliction....

But how !

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