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Leanns voice was so soft that no man could ignore it.

However, Mo Long frowned and pushed her to the side in disgust.

“Miss Leanne, dont use such low-quality perfume again.”

Leanns expression froze instantly.

After a long while, she forced a smile.


Mo Long, you really know how to joke.

Who am I Why would I use low-quality perfume”

Mo Long no longer looked at her.

Instead, he focused on helping Jiang Yu with the food.

Leanne looked at the intimate interaction between the two of them and gritted her teeth in hatred.

However, she thought about the glass of orange juice that Jiang Yu and Mo Long drank and her mood improved again.

Now, she only had to wait for two hours before the drug took effect.

She signaled to Warren with her eyes and told him that her mission had been completed.

This was a plan that Leanne and Warren had planned together.

One coveted Jiang Yus beauty, while the other covet Mo Longs mature mans charm.

Thus, this plan was born.

After receiving Leannes signal, Warren couldnt wait to take the medicine and wait for the effect of the medicine two hours later.

No one noticed the eye contact between the two of them.

Everything went on silently.

The party lasted for nearly two hours.

Warren saw that it was about time, she got up and said, “Its too late today.

Ive booked a room for everyone.

The waiter will bring the room card to you later.

Everyone can rest here tonight.

Im old.

I have to go rest now.”

Everyone was cheering, “Boss Warren is so generous.”.

Warren pulled out his chair and left.

Before he left, he gave Leanne a look.

After Leanne received Warrens look, she made an excuse to go to the bathroom alone because she was afraid and insisted that Jiang Yu go with her.

Jiang Yu also wanted to see what kind of tricks Leanne was up to, so she went with her.

After Leanne came out of the bathroom, she deliberately led Jiang Yu to Warrens door and tried to distract Jiang Yu by talking.

“Lets get along well in the future.” Leanne smiled.

“Its not good to maintain a neutral relationship like this.”

“Our relationship is very cold,” Jiang Yu replied with a fake smile.

“Youve overestimated our relationship.”

Leanne paused and was about to refute, but Jiang Yu questioned again, “Why did you bring me here”

Leanne froze and looked up at Jiang Yu in disbelief.

“What do you mean”

“This isnt a private room for eating.

where is it” Jiang Yu looked into Leanns eyes.

“You even used an excuse to bring me outside.

Do you have a purpose”

“I, I dont! Dont guess by yourself.” Leannelooked away guiltily and brought Jiang Yu to Warrens door.

“Im tired, Ill rest first.”Leanne covered her head and knocked on Warrens door.

She had already thought it through.

Once Warren opened the door, she would push Jiang Yu in and then close the door.

However, the moment Warren opened the door, Leannes legs went limp uncontrollably.

“Whats going on!” Leanne exclaimed.

Warren had already opened the door and was still shouting Jiang Yus name.

Jiang Yu reacted quickly and pushed Leanne into Warrens room.

Then, she quickly closed the door.

“Dont thank me.” Jiang Yu stood at the door and clapped her hands happily.

Meanwhile, Leanne, who was lying in Warrens arms, had a blank mind.

Her body was very hot and she couldnt help but want to lean on Warrens body.

Warren thought that it was Jiang Yu in her arms, and he sighed about how proactive Jiang Yu was.

In the next second, she pressed the person in her arms onto the bed.

The two of them were busy in the dark room, and their overlapping figures couldnt help but rise and fall.

Jiang Yu, who had facilitated this “Good thing”, returned to the private room where she ate and sat in her original seat.

“What took you so long” Mo Long put some food on Jiang Yus plate and poured her half a glass of red wine.

“I knew that Leanne wasnt so kind as to ease our relationship,” Jiang Yu said, “There was indeed something wrong with that glass of orange juice.

Fortunately, I switched the package when she was drinking.

Otherwise, I would be the one in trouble now.”

“What happened” Mo Long was still very curious about what happened after Jiang Yu went to the bathroom.

Jiang Yu told Mo Long everything in a low voice.

“She had to pay for what she had done,” Mo Long said.

“She secretly drugged someone else and thought that the unlucky one would be someone else.

I didnt expect that the unlucky one would be herself.”

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