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Warren was a little disappointed.

He didnt know what kind of woman could control this man.

However, his disappointment was only temporary, and he quickly recovered.

So what if he got married As long as he was willing to spend money to suppress it, would he be afraid that Mo Long wouldnt divorce his wife

Thinking of this, Warrens face became happier and happier, and he couldnt help but laugh out loud.

When the shooting ended at night, Revi took out a few invitation cards and handed them to everyone present.

“Tomorrow is my birthday party.

I hope everyone can come to support me.” Revi was very polite, completely unlike her beer-bellied father.

“We will definitely go, Miss Revi,” said Hebin.

Revi then left with Warren, but they also returned to the studio instead of returning to their own home.

On the way, Warren talked excitedly to Revi about Mo long.

“That man is very handsome, mature and stylish.

He suits you very well.”

However, Revi was not interested in Mo long at all.

“Dad, Im still young, and Im still in the entertainment industry.

How could I fall in love at this time”

“You said it yourself that youre in love!” Warren frowned, “This is just two people.

Its consensual, and theres no need for everyone to know about it.

The two of you can talk in secret.

Wont it be the same if you announce it when you get married”

“Whats the same” Revi did not want to continue discussing this issue, so she simply closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

Seeing that his daughter was not going to listen to him, Warren was suddenly furious.

“If I knew you were so careless about your own matters, I wouldnt have spent so much money for you in the first place!”

Revis eyelashes fluttered slightly, but she didnt open her eyes or respond to Warrens words.

The next night, after the shooting, Hebin planned to take them to Revis birthday party to have a good time.

Although Warren had just lost his temper with Revi yesterday, he was acting like a loving father today.

In order to celebrate Revis birthday, he even booked the entire floor of the restaurant.

“Its just a birthday, why do you need to buy the entire floor” Revi looked at Warren with disappointment as she drank.

Even if she had money, she wouldnt spend it like this!

“Youre my only daughter.

Its your birthday, so what if I, as a father, spend some money” Warrens face was red from drinking, like a monkeys butt.

Leanne poured two glasses of red wine and handed one to Jiang Yu.

“Jiang Yu, we havent had a proper meal like this since we met.”

She clinked the glasses, then raised her head and downed the wine in one gulp.

Jiang Yu held the glass of wine in her hand and looked at it for a long time before slowly putting it back on the table.

“Such an opportunity… probably wont come again in the future.

We should really cherish it.”

The expression on Leannes face froze, and she immediately returned to her usual appearance.

She smiled and said, “What are you talking about Wheres the wine Hurry up and drink it.”

“No, Im allergic to alcohol.” Jiang Yu smiled slightly.

“Thats really unfortunate.” Leanne stopped smiling.

It was indeed unfortunate.

She had drugged Jiang Yus red wine.

However, when Leanne drugged the wine, she didnt put all the medicine in.

Instead, she left a little.

There were two cups of orange juice on the table, so Leanne took one and poured the rest into it when she turned around.

Then, she handed the orange juice to Jiang Yu.


Jiang Yu raised er eyebrows.

She did not know Leanne was up to, but she still took it.

“Thank you.”

“Youre welcome.”

Leanne wanted to watch Jiang Yu drink the orange juice, but Warren suddenly called out her name and said that she wanted to have a few drinks with her.

Leanne had no choice but to drink a glass of wine with Warren before she turned her gaze back to Jiang Yu.

Half of the orange juice in front of her had been drunk, and the other glass of orange juice was still in the same place.

It didnt look like it had been touched.

Leanne smiled happily.

However, after the continuous stream of red wine, Leanne really couldnt handle it.

She wasnt the kind of person who was good at drinking.

Now that she had drunk a little more, her stomach began to burn.

So she took another glass of orange juice and drank it.

After drinking the entire glass of orange juice, Leanne felt a little better in her stomach.

She turned her gaze to Jiang Yu again.

Then, she saw Mo long take the half glass of orange juice and drink it as well.

Leanne was shocked, and then her heart was filled with joy.

It seemed that tonight would not only be Warrens matter, but also her matter.

So she deliberately leaned into the ink dragon, trying to attract him with her scent: “Mr.

Mo Long…”

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