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1094 The Godly Doctor Takes Action

Milan went back to the hotel and knocked on Jiang Yus door.

After Jiang Yu opened the door, she saw Milan standing at the door with red eyes and a very aggrieved expression on her face.

“Im sorry, Jiang Yu.

I didnt know that the doctor would be this kind of person.

Im so sorry that you were injured so badly.

its all my fault.”

Jiang Yu could not tell if Milans apology was sincere or just for show, so she just smiled and said, “Its okay.

Look at me, Im fine,”

“But if it wasnt for me, things wouldnt have come to this.” Milan was still crying.

“Ive already heard from Mr.

Mo Long that Mi Fei instructed that man to do this.

Dont worry, Ill definitely punish her when I get back.

Ill definitely give you a satisfactory explanation.”

After that, Milan went straight back to her room without listening to what Jiang Yu said.

“Mi Fei.” Jiang Yu muttered the name a few times and felt that things were definitely not as simple as they seemed.

not long after, black dragon also returned.

“Has the doctor woken up” Jiang Yu asked.

“No, I didnt,” Mo Long shook his head.

“The attending doctor said that he wont wake up for the time being, and theres a 50% chance that hell become a vegetable.”

“Its that serious” Jiang Yu was shocked.

is it because I stabbed him or because he fell from upstairs ”

“Both,” Mo Long said, “Milan said that he jumped down by himself, but he was about to lose consciousness at that time.

It was hard for him to even walk, so how could he still have the strength to climb up the window sill and jump down”

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“That means… Was pushed down by Milan” Jiang Yus temples began to throb.

She didnt expect that Milan, the Missy who didnt do anything, would be so cruel to do such a thing.

“We cant rule out that possibility, and its very likely.” Mo Long muttered to himself, ” furthermore, when I mentioned Mi Feis name in front of her at the hospital, she pushed the blame onto Mi Fei without thinking and was convinced that this matter was instigated by Mi Fei.

Its hard not to be suspicious.

“With Mi Feis personality, she wouldnt do such a thing.” Jiang Yu said, “And you and I have seen Milans attitude towards Mi Fei.

Even if Mi Fei is angry, she should be trying to harm Milan, not me.”

“So, this Milan not only has bad acting skills, but her IQ is also a little worrying.” Mo Long laughed.

” However, that man is still unconscious.

Theres no direct evidence to prove that this matter is related to Milan.”

Jiang Yu was silent for a while before saying, “Can you help me buy some silver needles for acupuncture Ill go to the hospital to see him.”

Mo Long immediately understood what Jiang Yu meant and said, “Okay, Ill get Teng Yi to send it over now.”

“Alright,” he said.

“This matter couldnt be delayed.

If it was delayed until Yaqi woke up, then the preliminary round would have ended long ago.

by then, even if Yaqi could prove that Milan was the instigator, she had already returned to the country and there was no way to pursue the matter.”

After Mo Long called and informed Teng Yi, Teng Yi immediately sent someone to catch the earliest flight to Singapore and handed the silver needles to Jiang Yu that night.

The next day, Jiang Yu brought the silver needles to the hospital where Yaqi was.

Milan had been paying attention to Jiang Yus movements.

seeing that she was holding something in her hand and following Mo Long, Milan guessed that she had gone to the hospital.

Although Milan knew that Yaqi would not wake up for a while, Milan still followed him secretly with Mi Fei.

If things changed, she could throw Mi Fei out as a scapegoat.

After they arrived at the hospital, Milan took Jiang Yu to Yaqis ward.

his eyes were tightly shut, and his lips were white.

When the nurse who was doing her rounds saw them, she thought that they were the patients family members and did not think much of it.

After the routine inspection, he went out with his notebook.

After the nurse left, Jiang Yu took out her silver needles and got Mo Long to untie Yaqis shirt.

She then inserted the silver needles into Yaqis acupuncture points.

Although Milan didnt know much about medicine, she knew that it was acupuncture, which was usually used to save people in chinese medicine.

Shocked, Milan quickly went to the office to call the doctor.

“Doctor! someone is giving my brother an injection in his ward!”

Hearing this, the doctor could not care less about the documents in his hand and quickly followed Milan to Yaqis ward.

As soon as he pushed the door open, he saw that the upper body of the patient lying on the bed was covered with silver needles.

“Stop!” He shouted.

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