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Chapter 30: Li Xue is a Genius!

Although Zhang Yu Ying was the one to suggest for her niece take the test to skip kindergarten next year, she did not expect that her niece would take everything seriously.

The girl has been reading her books and studying diligently.

Once she came home from kindergarten, Zhang Li Xue would return to her room to study. It was only after she had finished doing her revision will she go out to play her favorite basketball.

When she had convinced her sister-in-law into agreeing, Zhang Yu Ying had thought that Li Xue would give up after she had to study for a long time.

Who would have thought that the girl would study hard

Zhang Yu Ying realized that she had underestimated her nieces love of basketball.

The little girl was willing to study hard just so that she could join Bai Qi in school and play basketball together. She was crazier than her father.


For the past few weeks, Zhang Yu Ying has been tutoring her niece as she prepared herself for the exam. She was proud of her niece who refused to give up easily.

After a few months of tutoring, Zhang Yu Ying brought back a few test paper samples for her niece. After marking the paper, Zhang Yu Ying was surprised to see the result.

Li Qin Yao saw the dazed look on her sister-in-laws face and thought that her daughter had not done well on the test.

“Its fine if Li Xue did not do well,” Li Qin Yao said. “I dont care if she could pass the test and skip kindergarten for another year. What I want is for Li Xue to grow up healthily and happily.”

“Sister-in-law, Li Xues result isnt that bad.” Zhang Yu Ying let out a cough. “In fact, she passed the test brilliantly. I think, there should be no problem if she wanted to attend school next year.”

Li Qin Yao could not hide her surprise upon hearing her sister-in-laws words. “Then, why do you have that look on your face”

In Li Qin Yaos opinion, Zhang Yu Yings expression was too pale.

“No. Sister-in-law, when I brought that test paper sample, I also request them to give me something extra.”

“What do you mean” Li Qin Yao looked puzzled.

Zhang Yu Ying passed the test paper in her hand. “I think, not only can Li Xue skip kindergarten next year. She could also skip a grade in school.”

Li Qin Yao looked at the test paper in her hand and realized that the paper was a little more difficult than it should. However, her daughter could still answer a lot of questions correctly.

“Sister-in-law.” Zhang Yu Ying took a deep breath. “I think our Li Xue is a genius!”

Li Qin Yao continued to look at the test paper again and again.

Her daughter was someone who love playing basketball very much. Therefore, Li Qin Yao did not think too much when her daughter told her that she wanted to attend school next year.

She had known that her daughter was smart. But, she had never thought that her daughter will be this smart.

It seemed that once she put her mind to it and work hard, Zhang Li Xue could reach a good result.

“That...” Zhang Yu Ying hesitated. “Sister-in-law, what are you going to do”

When Li Qin Yao agreed to this plan, they both thought that Li Xue would give up quickly after she was forced to sit at her desk and study every day. After all, Li Xue was an active and playful person.

Li Xue would rather go out to practice basketball rather than read her books.

“I dont know.” Li Qin Yao frowned. “I have to discuss this with your brother first.”

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After looking at the papers for a while, Li Qin Yao finally headed upstairs to look for her husband.

When she walked into the room, her daughter was seen reading a book by her fathers side. A stack of documents was placed on the coffee table.

The little girl was forcing her father to rest and would not let him look at his documents for a long time.

It all began after her uncle, Doctor Qi Zheng had told Li Xue that her father would recover faster if he rest a lot. Since then, Li Xue would make sure that her father would drink his medicine on time and rest a lot.

Zhang Yu Han was not allowed to refuse.

The man doted on their daughter and let her do whatever she wanted. Zhang Yu Han seemed to be enjoying Li Xues care.

Of course, they did not know that the reason Zhang Li Xue wanted her father to recover faster was so that he could accompany her to play basketball and teach her more tricks.

“Mommy!” Zhang Li Xue looked up when she heard the movement from the door.

Li Qin Yao looked at the father and daughter and smiled. “Li Xue, what are you doing”

Zhang Li Xue waved the book in her hand. “Daddy said she could not sleep. So Im here to read a book for my father. I already read the book three times, but Daddy said he still could not fall asleep.”

Meanwhile, Zhang Yu Han was staring at the book about a princess with a bitter look in his eyes. He did not know just how many times did he have to listen to this fairy tale over and over again.

Zhang Yu Han had long memorized the whole book. He could remember the story word by word.

Li Qin Yao saw the distress signal from her husband and laughed. “Daddy already slept a lot when you were in kindergarten. If he sleep more, then he would not be able to sleep at night. Although your Daddy needs to rest, sleeping too much isnt good for his body. Everything should be done in moderation, you know”

Zhang Li Xue listened to her mothers words and thought that they made sense. She turned to her father and patted his arms. “Then, Daddy, dont sleep. You can look at your documents again.”

The little girl slid off the sofa and picked up the documents for her father. “Daddy, read this.”

A faint smile curled on his lips. “Thank you, Li Xue.” Zhang Yu Han patted her daughters hair and kissed her head, making the girl giggle.

“Alright. Li Xue, your Aunt Yu Ying is still downstairs. Why dont you go and accompany your aunt to play Mommy had something to discuss with your father.”

Zhang Li Xue listened to her mothers words and ran off from the room.

“What do you want to talk about” Zhang Yu Han asked when their daughter had closed the door behind her.

Li Qin Yao hesitated before pulling out the test paper behind her.



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