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Chapter 30: Forest Of Relics [II]

The body shape of the wolf demon was very similar to that of a normal wolf, but the wolf demon was much larger in size, standing more than two meters high. It would continue to grow up as its level increased.

Each of the four legs had a tuft of long hairs from the knees down to the back, and there was a spiritual horn in the middle of their heads. The higher the level, the longer the spiritual horn.

Spirit horns grew diagonally upward in a spiral shape. In human society, the spirit horns of the wolf demon could be used as medicinal items, so the value was far more than the fur of the wolf demon.

But of course, the most valuable thing about the wolf demon was its magic crystal. The magic crystals of demon beasts could be directly used as currency in mortal society.

Zhang Fei and Han Gu Chi led the people to slowly crouch towards the wolf demon, under the cover of wormwood.

Suddenly, he saw four spirit crystals, looming in front of Han Gu Chi. Before Zhang Fei could see them clearly, they disappeared in a flash. At the same time, a long bow manifested in Han Gu Chis hand, which was obviously transformed from the spirit crystals.

The two each set up their feather arrows and slowly moved towards the wolves.


One hundred meters, sixty meters, and forty meters, they were getting closer and closer. Suddenly, a wolf demon with a body size of more than three meters, among the wolf pack, rushed to a huge boulder next to it, and looked in the direction of the hunting groups.

When Zhang Fei saw it, he immediately raised his hand, and shot an arrow straight at the direction of the eye of the wolf demon. Han Gu Chi was not slow either, and his feather arrows smashed through the air and followed closely behind his, streaking towards the wolf demon.

Most wolf demons were wind-type monsters, so their survival mode was used to be known for speed and ferocity. Only a few wolves wiould show other attributes due to their physique variation and mutation.

Sure enough, when the feather arrow shot by Zhang Fei was less than ten meters away from the wolf demons eyes, the spirit horn on the wolf demons head suddenly flashed, and a whirlwind was initiated by the wolf demon, blowing at the feather arrow.

With a swish, the feather arrow flew strongly against the side of the wolf demons face, taking away only a few Wolfes hairs.

The wolf demon couldnt help being surprised. With its cultivation base equalling the fourth-level, an ordinary human arrow, shot from such a long distance, even if it was fired by a physically strong mortal, it should have been swept away long ago. But this feather arrow only changed its direction a little.

Could it be that the person who shot the arrow was a human spiritualist, even a master The wolf demon suddenly increased his alertness, desperately trying to increase its spiritual power, and the whirlwind in front of him instantly doubled.

Immediately afterwards, Han Gu Chis feather arrow arrived. The spirit powered whirlwind, that was spurred by the wolf demons full force, intercepted the arrow. After this block, the wolf demon felt that the remaining power of the second feather arrow that hit it, was greatly reduced.

The wolf demon not only snorted coldly, but said in its heart. *Just relying on the power of these two spirit feather arrows to hurt me*

Just as it was about to summon other wolves to attack the hunters, it stopped as it noticed through the corner of its eye, another feather arrow flying towards its head.

The arrow was just about to fly past its cheek, but then, there was a bright flash which was followed by a loud noise. The shock wave immediately blasted the wolf demon more than ten meters away, slamming it heavily against the rocks.

Half of the wolf demons face was suddenly bloody. As soon as it raised its head, it saw two more feather arrows flying towards it, one after the other. The wolf demon desperately urged its spiritual power, and two whirlwinds immediately stood in front of the wolf demon, one behind the other.

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There was another booming sound, and with greater explosive force than before, it blasted away the two whirlwinds in an instant. The other feather arrow went straight through the chaotic airflow and slammed into the wolf demons throat.

The body of the wolf demon was even more riddled with holes brought about by the surplus of feathers and arrows. A rain of arrows was reflected in the horrified eyes flying towards the wolves.

In a blink of an eye, the horror was gradually replaced with death, and the fourth-level wolf demon only heard the screams and howls of his companions before its own death.

With feather arrows knotted, Zhang Fei led the forward-rush of the hunting groups, looking for the remaining deadly wolf demons. Some of the low-level wolf demons, at the front, quickly fell down one by one. But because of the long distance the arrows travelled, the wind magic of the wolf demons had reduced their power before they could reach the beasts at the back.

Seeing the leader of their pack dead, the remaining smaller wolf demons suddenly had no intention of fighting, and fled for their lives.

Seeing that the number of wolf demons had dropped sharply, Zhang Fei was about to initiate a sweep of the remaining beasts when he saw three fourth-level wolf demons jumping on a boulder, and their spirit horns glowed with dazzling aura.

Immediately, three strong whirlwinds appeared out of thin air, leaning towards each other and gradually approached the hunters. A few seconds later, they merged into one, turning into a huge deadly tornado and rushing towards the group. Its power had faintly reached the attack strength of level five monsters.

The tribesmen who were about to charge forward, saw the huge tornado spreading over the sky, rolling up wind that was full of sand, stone and vegetation, and ran back in shock.

“Let me handle this.” Han Gu Chi pressed Zhang Feis shoulder and stepped out.

Four and a half white crystals condensed in front of him again. Judging from the length of the spirit crystals, the ironwood tribe believed that this lord Han Gu Chis innate spiritual power should, almost, be at the same as that of Mammoth. There was no doubt that his talent was indeed great.

Han Gu Chis body flashed, and appeared more than ten meters away from where he was standing before. The four spirit crystals in front of him exploded, suddenly emitting a huge brilliance. In a blink of an eye, the light receded, and a huge bronze cannon suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

They saw that the huge cannon was more than ten meters long, and the muzzle was more than one meter long in diameter. The barrel was cast like bronze, with two dragon reliefs carved on the left and right plates. The dragon mouth facing upwards and flush with the muzzle.

The cannon body was supported by a huge fort. The entire giant cannon revealed infinite majesty, and would not let its power be deemed in the face of the huge tornado that was approaching it.

This giant cannon was the strongest attack weapon that lord Han Gu Chi transformed his spirit crystals into. It was most suitable for long-range attacks and had a wide range.

They saw Han Gu Chi, flying out of thin air, condensing his whole bodys spiritual power, and roared.

With a thunderous booming sound, the giant cannon suddenly spit out a huge ball of flame and lightBing, and went straight to the center of the tornado. After a flash of light, the ball of lightning and fire, shot into the center of the tornado.

Immediately afterwards, there was another earth-shattering explosion. The ball of light suddenly exploded in the center of the tornado. The sand, stone, grass and trees that were rolled up by the huge tornado flew in all directions from the impact of the massive explosive force.

Upon seeing this, the tribesmen of the Ironwood tribe suddenly lay on the ground looking for cover to protect their bodies, fearing being affected by the aftermath of the explosion.

Mammoth also appeared in front of Zhang Fei, using his spiritual power to condense a huge metal shield to protect the dozens of people behind him.

With the explosion of the light ball, the huge tornado initiated by the three demon wolves disintegrated in an instant. Their bodies were hit by the huge force of the counter-shock. They couldnt stand still as their bodies continued to shake.

Han Gu Chi recovered his spiritual power, and the giant cannon suddenly turned into a light orb of spiritual power and disappeared into his body. Immediately afterwards, countless points of spiritual power were instantly condensed into Han Gu Chis hands, before turning into a hard bow.

They saw Han Gu Chi drew his right hand on the empty bowstring, and with another burst of spiritual light, three glowing feather arrows appeared on the string. Han Gu Chi pulled the bow, and aimed the three arrows at the three wolves who were still shaking.



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